Problem for join a multiplayer in Forza 6


I can not access the multiplayer forza 6

is normal?

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When you say you cant access multiplayer, what exactly is happening ?

the message is:

Is not available the list multiplayer and have the same problem in competición
and can’t to créate a multipayer private, have the same problem.

can you help me please ?

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Im having the same issue, says multiplayer is currently unavailable please try again, I hard rest, and uninstalled the game, same thing,reset my router, same thig. I paid 100 Dollars to play the game early and get some multiplayer gms in and havent been able, not fair at all yo, not fair at all.


I can’t play online either. Every lobby I try to join, a message pops up that says “failed to get match server list”.


Sounds like the servers are down.

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Yes no server List? The multiplayer no server List for me!! Help!!

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It did it to me last night as well.

Same for me. I get “Failed to start Multiplayer. Multiplayer is currently unavailable”. Tried everything already, nat is open. Couldn’t race online since launch.

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I have no multiplayer options at all. I just assumed they weren’t working until the official release date.

probably the same issues as in this thread

look at post 21 not 19 as it says

I’ve not had any problems with multiplayer most races have at least 18 I played last night from 10pm till midnight UK time private race and the league. I’ve not seen any problems so far :grinning:

Been playing multiplayer just fine since launch. Until yesterday. Since yesterday I’m constantly getting a “Failed to acquire server data” message.

What’s going on with this??

Anyword on this?

i havethe same problem, i cant join the multiplayer game, what do i do

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I am having this same issue. I’ve had it since launch. It would be nice if we could get some assistance or at least and update on what’s going on. I didn’t pay all this money to not have a full functioning game.

I am desperate to not get into the multiplayer , someone could help me

Please help!!

Try everything!!

assistance from xbox live!!

Change gametag!



my multyplayer FM6 not work

message after the serch room in the hopper “failed to get match server list”.

Has anybody got there’s to work