Failed to get match server list

Hey everybody this is my first ever post on the forza forums and I am very confused about my situation with online racing in Forza 6. I got the digital download with early access and got a little bit of online gaming in before the game was released on 9/15. Since the official release anytime I try league play or regular multiplayer it says failed to get match server list. I have very strong internet and my Nat is open and says all services are available in my settings. If anyone can help with this or tell me a way to fix this I will greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Having exact same problem here. I’ve moved my Xbox One to a DMZ so I know it’s not a router related issue my end. Oddly enough, I can join my friends in multiplayer via joining them through friends or accepting invites, I just keep getting this error though if I try to private host, or select a MP or League to join directly myself.

Is there a solution for this?

Would be great to get the full Forza experience.