Can only get into multi-player with invite......"Failed to get matched server list"

I am getting the “Failed to get matched server list” message, I’m in the Boston MA, USA area. I was able to use multi player 2-3 times but for the last 10 days I can’t get in.

I was in Party with 3 players, one in West Virginia, USA and 2 in the UK, London area, all 3 were able to get into multi player. One of the UK guys sent me an Invite for a C race and I was able to get in and race… I backed out after 3 or 4 races but could not get back in… Forza 5 and other multi-player games work fine.

-download speed 7.62

upload speed .73

Packet loss 0%

MTU 1480

Latency 83 ms

wireless strength 82%



Its something in the game. Happens to me and some friends all the time. Try quitting and restarting the game a couple times. Always works for me…typical forza bugs what else is new.

Thanks, I’ll give a try!!