Premium Add-On Bundle and game share / home console question

I’ve been on Live a long time so you think I’d know these things by now…

But I have my main account and my son’s account is on my “home” console to share Ultimate Game Pass and purchases. We plan on using Game Pass to play the game for now. But I went ahead and bought the Premium Add-on Bundle under my account.

Does the Add-On Bundle Share for purposes of Cars and Early Access for his accountas well? I want my son to get Early Access and also have the dlc cars.

I know there is a difference in “consumable add-ons” = not shared and “durable add-ons” which can be shared.

I’ve just not found out where this premium add-on Bundle falls in that spectrum.

Yes, the add ons share just fine.

For FH2,3,4, and FM6, FM7 I have games and all DLC on the front room Xbox that the kids use and their accounts have access to everything.
I also have access to everything from a second Xbox when I log in, or from PC.

As long as it’s your ‘Home’ console, all good

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Thanks. Makes me feel better about the dlc cars. But any idea about the early access on Friday?

I was having the same dilemma as you so I reached out directly to Forza Support. Their answer seems to conflict with some of the information given here. From my understanding based on their answer. the expansions can be shared, however the Car Pass cars are limited to the Xbox account that made the purchase.

Here’s a link to the support post with their answer:

Let me know if you have trouble accessing the link.

It should cover that too, since it’s part of the DLC.

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According to the Microsoft store early access in EU should start 04/11, so today. I paid for the Premium AddOn to use with my GamePass, yet it says “I’m too early”. Shouldn’t the AddOn allow me to play early as well?

Official release time in Europe is 12:01 AM CET on 05/11.


Midnight on Thursday 4th is the actual release time…so if in the UK, you can start in a little over 8 hours from now (15.22 uk time now)…

Thanks, SableRecon - that’s a surprise to me, actually, and a big deal. But I can’t follow your link. Are you able to paste in the full text?

Sure can! Sorry that the link didn’t work. Here’s a transcript:

Me: I have two Xbox consoles (one Series X, one Xbox One X) and I will be downloading FH5 from GamePass. I want to purchase the Premium Add-Ons Bundle, but I wanted to be sure of something first. Can the bundle be shared across consoles and accounts, similar to how game sharing works?

Forza Support Team: The items are available for the account that purchased. The expansions you can use on multiple accounts if that xbox is your home xbox. Thank you, Forza Support Team

Me: I see, so just so I’m clear, will the Car Pass be available on both Xbox’s and their accounts, or is the Car Pass restricted to one account?

Forza Support Team: Its restricted to 1 account for the cars to be free. Other accounts trying to access those cars will need to pay in-game credits to add them to their garage. Thank you, Forza Support Team

Been away from the forums for a long while but still played fh4 to death……

So to confirm, I can get early access tomorrow (UK) using the premium add on bundle? I’m pretty sure this has already been answered but just want clarification.


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Correct, you’d be able to play in a few hours.

This is correct. If you have the game through GamePass, you can purchase the Premium Add-Ons Bundle (which does not include the base game). That bundle gives you the early access, which for you would be November 5th at Midnight GMT.

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Nice one, cheers.

Ah - that’s pretty clear, then. Thanks, SableRecon, for sharing what you found out. I wonder if the early access will cross over to both accounts…

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I’ve just checked on my XBox One.
Somehow all my DLC was uninstalled… so took a bit of time to reinstall.

My main account has the full set of cars in the garage excluding the 6 hotwheels and shows all car pass cars have been purchased and downloaded.
Logged out and logged into a kids account (youngest likes driving through destructables in the Unimog so downloads not touched).
Car Pass shows that all cars are purchased from the main festival screen (tab near the right)

If I go into a house and then select car pass I can add any of the cars for free.
Takes me to the garage, pick a design or paint and it says ‘Free’ next to the A button.
On adding the car, any second one is chargeable - C150k for the I8 roadster etc.
I also bought an extra I8 roadster from the AH and that was fine.

So at least in FH4 Ultimate car pass is shareable.
The FH4 accounts get the VIP 2x wheelspins etc as well as all the VIP cars and the PO Mclaren, expansions and even the treasure map.

Waiting for 00:01 here in the UK… so will check to see if the other accounts get access.
I would assume so… but FH5 could be different.

Edit: What I haven’t tested yet is if the car is still accessable when the account is logged into another console so it may only be useable on the shared console.

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Be sure to let us know! Thanks

So you can still get all the content from the premium add ons on another account including the VIP pass? You just have to buy the cars from the car pass in game again?

or just press redeem all cars, and you still get free the first time

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