Pre-purchase F6 and did not received FH2 DLC's

Hey I bought F6 yesterday on xbox market and it was written in the description that we would received 3 DLC’s for FH2 when buying the game before the 14 september or smthg like that. I was wondering what is the issue here and how to fix it. I really want to drive that mazda cosmos :frowning:

Thank you

Have you attempted a complete console power cycle? That may resolve the issue you are experiencing; if not, what happens when you view the Forza Horizon 2 DLC (either the Forza Horizon 2 Pre-Order Car Pack, the Alpinestars Car Pack, or the Duracell Car Pack) in the Xbox Marketplace? Does it display a payment amount? If so, double check to make sure your Forza Motorsport 6 pre-order download has completed. If the content displays as “installed,” the aforementioned power cycle should allow you to access this content in game. If it displays “download again,” you’ll need to click to install each pack separately.

I have the same problem. Is it allready wolvee at your account LeGusto12?

Will you get the car packs if you pre-ordered on say, Amazon?

It has to be a digital pre-order and it all depends on what the pre-order purchase says at the location you made the purchase.

Ahh, thank you!

To get the free car packs in FH2, I had to go to the in game market place.

After clicking on any car that wasn’t the free car for that pack, I had the option to buy the complete car pack for free.

Do the free car packs count as purchased dlc in horizon 2 rewards?

They should do, but i can’t confirm it. I already had 5/5 for DLC from the season pass & storm island.