DLC cars not showing in "Free" to add to garage

Hi there – I contact Xbox support and they directed me here with Reference number: 1328912075. I have downloaded and installed the Forza Motorsport 6 Ten Year Anniversary Car Pack. The cars were never in the “Free” section to add to garage, only listed to buy in game. I have not collected/redeemed at all. Tried all possible suggested solutions (reinstall, hard reset, remove gamer profile, etc.) with no resolution. Please fix. I hesitate to purchase other car packs in fear the same error will occur. Thanks!

when you did the hard reset did you out the power cable from the power supply and leave it out until the the light on the power supply went off

Yes, light went out on power supply. Will try again today, but still nothing and frustrating.

Are you using the same profile that you redermed the code on
They are only free for that profile
Also have a look they arent already in your garage

Yep, same profile. Only have the one. Not in my garage, never redeemed after downloading pack. The cars/pack shows as purchased in the DLC section but I only have ever been given the option to buy the cars in game with credits/tokens. I’ve done everything possible on my end to try and get them to show up. It would be nice if Turn 10 could simply “push” the cars from their end to show in my garage/free section or provide my account the necessary amount of credits/tokens to be able to get the cars as a work around - but there’s no way to reach out to them from what I’ve been told other than here. It’s not the end of the world, just would be nice to be able to use what I’ve paid for without having to “pay” again in game.

Check in your download section to make sure the FM6 Porsche Expansion has completed 100%. If you received a notice “Ready to play” that does not mean it is finished downloading. It is fairly large, and may not have completed. You can see the progress in the FM6 area using the triple horizontal button next to the blue X button and by choosing “Manage game.”

You should see a smaller square in mostly grey with PORSCHE EXPANSION on it. If that has not completed, select it with the A button and let it fully complete.

Thanks for the suggestion Snowowl. Unfortunately this isn’t related to the Porsche Expansion rather the Ten Year Anniversary Car Pack. Don’t think I’ll be purchasing any other DLC until this issue is resolved.

Did you look? I noticed two of my packs were not completely downloaded yesterday - Alpinestars and the Polo Red Car packs. Took maybe six minutes to complete those downloads and everything is installed now. I hadn’t even checked previously. LOL!

Ah gotcha. Thanks for the insight. Yeah the pack is fully downloaded. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times with no luck. Like I said in a previous post, not the end of the world just annoying.