Forza 6 and Horizon 2 DLC packs missing

I purchased the Forza 6 Deluxe Edition before the 18th of September and was expecting to receive the promised 14 cars for Horizon 2 ie. Pre-order Pack,Alpinestars Pack,Duracell Pack and the 2015 Mx 5 Mazda 10 year livery for Forza 6.These details were on the Forza 6 game info window mentioning all the stuff that was offered to be purchased before the 18th and I have checked and there’s nothing.The Horizon 2 marketplace for the above mentioned has the packs as options to buy but the fine print clearly stated the 14 extra cars would be free.It was an Australian Xbox Store purchase on the 16th of September.Can anyone help with this matter.Thanks

Are you sure it wasn’t the 15th that you had to preorder by?

Try power cycling your console in the meantime and try accessing the marketplace from the game itself

Also If i remember correctly, when you press buy the pack, the price for the pack is free

You had to purchase the game before the 15th to get the Horizon 2 free car packs. That’s what it said on the purchase screen from what I remember. I bought mine on the 10th and got them right away.

It was definitely the 18th for these packs in Australia and it wasn’t pre-order,the game was officially released on the 15th and as I purchased the Deluxe on the 16th I’m within the promo period.The MX5 mentions Bundle Only and then says they can’t find anything so that’s a loss.I’ll try your method anyway if I can get the Horizon 2 disc to load.Thanks KTVDS.

For me I think when it said you had to buy the pack i pressed ‘buy pack’ and when the purchase option came up the price showed as free so give that a try too, from within the game of course

Tried it and it’s charging me for much for the promo.Will the Dom’s Charger movie offer work,time will tell
CW40 did you buy the Ultimate Edition as it had different terms to the Deluxe,I’m sure mine said purchase before the 18th and so I did.
For me - you don’t get what you pay for.It’s no big deal anyway I’m havin fun with Forza 6.Thanks guys

those extras you are missing were for the Ultimate Pack not the Deluxe Pack and probably would have been the 15th since that was the Official release date in Australia not the 18th

also have you checked your Free Cars tab as well

Talby71,I checked everything,the game info window stated 14 free cars on the Deluxe edition and to be purchased before the18th,game was officially released on the 15th and only the Ultimate had the early access that being the 10th,the only difference being it had the car pass and the game info window reflected that,this is what the Australian versions were offered as a bonus.

Quote from announcement by T10:
Everyone who pre-orders a digital bundle of Forza Motorsport 6 before September 15 will receive an exclusive bonus car in Forza 6, the 2015 Mazda Team Forza MX-5. In addition, everyone who pre-orders a digital bundle will receive 14 new cars to collect, customize, and race in Forza Horizon 2 for Xbox One at no additional charge. These cars include the Forza Horizon 2 Pre-Order Car Pack, the Alpinestars Car Pack, and the Duracell Car Pack.

Note it says PRE ORDER - which means before release date which in Australia (and most of the world) was the 15th.
If you believe it was the 18th you will need to contact Microsoft and discuss the matter with them (the Marketplace is theirs and you will need them to sort it out if you are missing content).
Also not likely that the pre order conditions would be different (why would they give the Deluxe edition 3 more days to pre order for the bonus than the other versions - especially when most countries had the 15th as a release, including Australia - you may have read the wrong site, ie not, but one from a country that had the release date of the 18th).


It would also be worth attempting to download the DLC directly through the Xbox Marketplace section for Horizon 2, that’s what I had to do. But yeah, it’s not looking promising for you based on the September 15th deadline for most of the world - a deadline that’s been known for months now.

Ok fortunately I pinned the promo to my dashboard and it clearly states that Bonus: Purchase before 18/09/2015 and receive the following.I would really love to show you but I don’t know how to post photos on this forum and as for Xbox Store they just take our money and it’s final.If anyone can assist me to put a photo of the promo bundle up online it would prove I’m not making this topic up and maybe I can use it when I take the matter further.In addition the game was also released in Europe on the 18th and we normally get it around the same time as them,As soon as I get a photo up online all will be revealed.Stay Tuned

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Forza6 promoSlav Evdokimov | Flickr

While the image is nice - you need to contact MS if you purchased something from them digitally and do not have access to it, no other way to sort this out.

Funky Dunk, I contacted them and emailed the photos and they said they will look into it.They were unaware the packs were even offered for the Deluxe Edition.