Post Your Car Tunes Here For Video Reviews!

Post your car tunes in this thread in the following format:
Car - Class/PI Score - Share Tune Code - Gamer Tag - Explanation of what type of tune you made and what the car should be best used for.

I’ll use your tunes, and test them against other cars/other tunes, and create high-quality review videos with them. Your tunes have an opportunity for more exposure and more downloads this way! If you want me to use a specific vinyl/car design, send the code for that too!

Youtube Playlist with all cars reviewed so far: Car Review Series 1: MX5 vs 240SX [D Class] - Forza Horizon 5 - YouTube

Reviewed cars statistics: Car Reviews - Google Sheets

Current Submissions from players to be reviewed:
Ferrari J50 - S1 - 543 565 781 (Road Tune)
Subaru WRX STI ST209 ‘19 - S1 - 940 089 850 (Touge, specially made for volcano up and down hill)
99’ Puma (not Fe) - A Class - 183 192 492 - (CC)
Bentley Blower - A Class - tune: 138 762 370 - design: 767 760 167 (drifter)
BAC Mono - S1 - 747 756 000 (Dirt)
Nissan Silvia Spec-R 2000 - S1 Class - 126 906 461 (drift)
Eclipse GSX B700 - 788 339 537 (road, canon run street track requested)
BMW 1M Coupe - 135 774 646 (road tune)
1964 Ford GT40 - 180 382 104 (A Class Road Car, Emerald Race Track requesred)
1998 Porsche 911 GT1 - 346 592 039 (S1 Road Car - test on Lookout circuit (43.681 set by maker) + emeral circuit (42.420 set by maker))
Boneshaker RWD -122 695 140 (A 800 - RWD boneshaker. Compare to meta build I already have. LLanuras Sprint requested.)
Jaguar XJR - 146 709 540 (S1 non power build meant for everyone. Compare to toptierramen’s diablo GTR, thankfulbard’s Lotus GT1, and the FXX. OP says this diablo gtr and this lotus are better than the fxx).
Chief0550’s Drag Builds.
2019 Aston Martin Vantage - S1 Class - 839 479 362


You can test my 95 Porsche GT2 setup if you want, S900. Wild: 119 310 956

Notice how much information the soft suspension gives back from the road*. If you`re able to read this info
you will be glued to the road. You can also notice that I know how to set differencials, it eats curves.
But it takes some balls to drive it good

  • this can only happen if you`re inside the car, using a cocpit view.

Be aware; this was built for roadracing only, it`s rally capacity comes as a bonus

Excellent bro - I’ll review it for this weekend’s video :wink:

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Subaru WRX '05 - B700 - 828 135 204 - CableReady - the car is best used in rally races; it’s strength is on dirt, so it is particularly good on dirt heavy rally races. I tuned it on San Juan Scramble.

I made this for the current festival playlist dirt series which requires B-class Modern Rally. I’ve been trying to get better at tuning, and I like modern rally cars, so I made a a handful of B-class dirt tunes for each of my Modern Rally cars (sticking either with stock engine or the upgraded rally engine, stock tires or off-road tires). I tested them against each other in Rivals at San Juan Scramble. This tune/build had the fastest time consistently.

I would appreciate any feedback.

I like how it drives, it just needs longer gears. Shift up at 5200 rpm, you’ll be faster… there’s 55 less horsepower at redline than peak. That “extra” performance isn’t reflected in PI either btw… :wink:

edit: note the above if you build with that engine in A or higher class, I forgot to check which transmission it had

Oh no, I didn’t realize that and you’re totally right! I just confirmed in telemetry. And I just tried San Juan Scramble, shifting at 5200 rpm instead of redline, and I pretty easily beat my other time. But I’m in 5th and 6th gear almost the entire time, and it’s not a track with particularly long straight passages… I went to lengthen the gears but realized I am using stock transmission. Unfortunately upgrading to sport puts the PI at 704 (upgrading to race puts it 709). Not sure what to do…

Edit: unfortunately, in order to get longer gears I’d have to do drop the weight reduction upgrade, which adds 80lbs. I just tried it and it’s not worth it. The only other option would be to do stock springs & ARBs, and either a heavier set of rims or narrower front tire spacing—but that would totally throw out the tuning adjustments and change the feeling of the car.

Love the WRX. Your tune is on my list now - will definitely give it a run in the future. Lmk if you update it so I’m sure to review the latest version.

Ferrari J50 S1 Road Tune

543 565 781

Quite fun to drive. Tested on Horizon Festival.

I’ve also made a high power. version that kills the Unbeatables:

182 927 327

Subaru WRX STI ST209 ‘19 - S1 - 940 089 850
Developed this tune specifically for the volcano uphill/downhill. Not a ton of power but has high downforce and close ratio gearing. It can easily be used in circuit racing, but i spend most of my time on the mountain tuning cars for that. This car is made for response and cornering. Works well with controller or wheel setup (tuned on wheel, verified with controller). Assists are not needed on wheel. This was more of a personal tune for me but i figured why not share.

EDIT: I have revised the tune to make it more user friendly on controller. I have a particular driving style but i did notice some understeer on controller compared to wheel. I have tuned out the understeer i noticed for the most part. New share code: 118 148 362
To get the most out of this tune you have to understand when to be on/off throttle in a corner.

What a great idea Splays, enjoyed your video! Hopefully you can keep this going for the Forza community.

Delorean DMC-12
Class B 700
Dirt build, maybe best for trails
Currently 80th at Cordillera

I’m in a contrary sorta place right now where I’m building offroad cars from typical road cars, and road cars from typical offroad cars. Since the game is so broken right now, this is how I have fun.

For B-class and below, I never use AWD swaps or forza aero, regardless of surface, and I try to keep as many stock parts as possible. This means the 1969 Chevy Nova that just passed your ghost on the Tapalpa dirt track was running RWD with no aero, stock engine, stock transmission, stock wheels, and stock brakes (hopefully).

FYI, I turn off all assists, drive manual/clutch, and use a controller on xbox one x. My controller dead zones are set to default values.

Anybody reading this feel free to send me a friend request, especially if you play Rivals and you build your own cars!

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Ok, so I post a +900hp widebody S900 Porsche GT2 setup here. I see that I should have given more information about the setup,
but I could not in my wildest dreams imagined that anyone would take it cross country.(!!) Not even rallying, even if the 4WD
might handle dirt roads pretty well.

I spend a lot of time really finetuning every part of the suspension. Skilled drivers will notice this, how the car feels like a part of you
or mybe the other way. But this requires that you`re inside the car while driving it, not watching it from somewere behind.

Thankyou for all your submissions guys and the kind words!

Here’s the second episode - taking a look at NotRicedVtec’s Centenario and fairlane’s GT2 (both in S1): Car Review Series 2: Centenario vs GT2 [S1 Class] - Forza Horizon 5 - YouTube

Videos will grow to become more in-depth and accurate over time as we collect more data to compare with for future reviews. Some meta cars and tunes would be ideal for starting out a series like this - does anyone have some meta/OP builds to share?!

P.S. if you want me to use a specific vinyl/car design, send the code for that too!

Eclipse GSX B700 - 788 339 537

I originally made this for Trial, but I noticed it was struggling in corners and making it up on straights, not ideal for Trial of 3 circuits but it still won everything.

However, seeing it have such great acceleration made me consider how would it perform as speed build so I tested it against my own run using meta Cobra Daytona tune, and beat it by 2 seconds on Canon Run (street rivals).


  • best launch and starting acceleration in class
  • it outaccelerates Cobra Daytona, but has lower top speed at 280, I kept it at this number because I pretty much never hit rev limiter in any B700 online race
  • it has similar handling characteristic to Sepi’s Pulsar B700, but it is heavier so Pulsar is slightly faster in turns (Pulsar wins on circuit races, Eclipse beats it on point-to-point races)
  • this car is a sidekick to Pulsar as far as AWD meta is considered, if Horizon Open has 2 circuits pick Pulsar, if it has 2 sprints or is a street race pick Eclipse, it outhandles and outaccelerates the Daytona
  • driven with M/C all assists off, racing line on, shift at 6.7k revs
  • would recommend using it on Canon Run street rivals, use my ghost and follow my line, that track really isn’t friendly to RWD power builds due to offroad skips

Keen for this one. Will definitely run it against meta builds and compare stats/times. And yep, will run it against your ghost and track that you suggested. Cheers

Here is one of my AWD drift tunes that I like using for open drifting and pretty much all freeroam as well. It is for the Bentley Blower.

Class A Tune: 138 762 370
Livery: 767 760 167


Added to the list. looking forward to this one - might be a while until I get to it though. Will dm you when I do

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Episode 3 is here - Car Review Series 3: Mini Cooper '65 vs Toyota 2000GT '69 [D Class] - Forza Horizon 5 - YouTube

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Those are fun videos to watch, and objective point outs.

I thought I’ll contribute a car, this one keeps appearing in playlist stuff so I decided to make an all round build, for fun of course…
1957 Chevrolet Bel Air - 158 024 822 (Class B)

Put this through everything if you want, roads, dirt, offroad and be brutally honest on how much I’ve failed… or not (hopefully).

If you manage to pull off a car usable for all situations I’ll be very impressed XD Added your car to the list

I have two I’d like to see you review for sure, and then two more for fun. Keep in mind my tunes are built using a wheel, and may lose some in translation to controller.

My 64 Ford 40 Tune. Share Code is 601 104 168

I ran a 48.4 at emerald in this car. For reference, that is faster than I could do Emerald in ESV Mars 99 Elise. I think this car is on or near the same level as the 99 Elise, which holds the Emerald world record right now. Not quite as good (but close) on handling, but better acceleration, and a very good launch for a RWD car. I also did a 1:03.5 at HMC which is only .6 slower than my Meta Boneshaker time in ESV Mars AWD Boneshaker. This car is a beast and would fit right into the meta if it wasn’t for the Boneshaker in A Class.

The 2nd is my S1 900 handling version of the 98’ Porsche 911 GT1. Share Code is 346 592 039.

I haven’t seen this car much on the leaderboards, but this RWD version is a handling beast not far off the handling builds of the Lotus Elise GT1. My times for two major handling circuits - 43.681 Lookout Circuit, 42.420 Emerald Circuit. I believe Emerald is almost within a 1s of the actual world record time. Considering I’m not going to set the world record even in the best Lotus Elise GT1 tune, I think this says a lot about the car.

The 3rd is for fun. A800 Boneshaker RWD - Share Code 177 708 740

Ever wonder if the Boneshaker is OP as a RWD car? Why yes it is. It can struggle on launch, and out of really slow corners because of wheelspin, but has a higher top end, better high end acceleration, and doesn’t struggle quite as much with high speed understeer. I did a 1:03.1 at HMC, .2 seconds off my AWD Boneshaker (ESV Mars build) time, but crushed my AWD Boneshaker time on sprints like Lunarus.

The 4th is my Balanced version of the Jaguar XJR. - Share Code is 650 911 431

The purpose of this build was to see what would happen if I toned the car down to a balanced build that could actually be driven by the average platyer, unlike the OP power build. What I found was a car that could match the almost match TopTierRamen’s Diablo GTR on circuits, a bit shorter of Thankfulbard’s balanced Lotus GT1 build on circuits (both of which I think match are better than the FXX as balanced builds, even in PvP if not for the slower launches), but was still OP on sprints. Not the power build level of OP that you’d expect from the XJR, but a car for the masses, those of us who can’t manage the low speed throttle of the power builds (which is nearly impossible on a wheel).