Post some pics of your "Limited Editions"

Hi guys,

So we all know there’s no official limited editions of the game. I am however curious to see what some of the retailers are offering as “Limited Editions”.

Here in Australia EB Games is selling Forza 6 with a Steel Book cover:

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oooooooo fancy…i tell you what…that’s going straight in mah basket

Yeah, I got the EB Games Limited Edition this morning with the Hellcat and the Audi Coupe, but very surprised that they were selling here on the 15th rather than on the 18th? So us Aussies got it before the Yanks, eh?

As far as I know the game goes on sale/launches today (the 15th) in the US as well.

You guys got it ahead of the Europeans though.

Yeah, but it was on sale at 9.00 AM in Australia which is 3.00 PM yesterday US PST, so we got it 18 hours ahead of the Yanks. I just thought that the 18th was the worldwide release date.

I’ll also add a pic of my set - just for fun.

I went digital this gen so no Limited Edition case for me. I do love collecting the limited edition but in a way I’m glad I no longer have to worry about the clutter or shelf space :stuck_out_tongue: I got the Ultimate Edition so I the best version I could get digitally.

It would’ve been nice to have a steelbook option over here. Oh well, it is what it is…