Will all FM6 physical copies feature the Ten Year Anniversary pack? + Belgian release date 15/09?!

Topic. Some covers do not show the “Ten Year Anniversary Edition” heading. Are these covers placeholders or will there be physical versions without the Anniversary pack as well? Is this Anniversary Edition only available for a short period of time like the Forza 5 Day One edition?

Also, some Belgian retailers (Game Mania, Consoleshop, Media Markt, just to name a few) have their release date set on 15/09 (US release date) instead of 18/09 (EU release date). Can someone confirm that this info is correct?


I’m pretty sure the first shipments of Forza 6 will have the ten year anniversary car pack, but since the EU release date is later I’m not 100% sure, you’ll see on the front cover when you go to buy it if it has it or not.

And if Turn 10 and Microsoft says the release date is on the 18th, then I’d take their word for it rather than the retailer’s.

If you’re buying from a retailer, the person to confirm would be the retailer.

Has anyone got the game yet or more information about the (early?) release in some stores? Some retailers like Consoleshop have pushed back their release date from the 15th to the 18th, while Game Mania still has their date set on tomorrow. For some reason i cannot find the game anymore on the Media Markt website. I have no idea what’s happening; I could still find the game this morning via the search button of their website and their release date was still the 15th as well.

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