Possible workaround for "cannot connect to horizon life" (on Xbox)?

I started playing the game around the time series 34 came out. Great game. With series 35 came Forzathon problems - regularly unable to connect to Horizon Life. My internet’s always good, NAT open, no other online gaming issues across 3 Xboxes, no other internet connection problems. It could connect very occasionally (twice in 24 hours) but disconnected if I did anything other than free roam. Any event and - gone.

Forza Motorsport shut down my ticket within ten minutes (seriously, ten minutes from) as it’s not their problem, apparently. I DID get through to Xbox support earlier today and along the way in what happened it seemed that something changed and now I’m connected to Horizon Life all the time (it’s riskyi posting this, tempting fate and all that).

I was actually online in Forza (a rarity in the last 24-48 hourse, since Winter).
Closed Forza. Signed out of Xbox. Signed in another profile (regular player but not recently on this specific Xbox). Allowed it to sync. Immediately online with Horizon Life in Legoland. Went to the mainland. Not connected immediately but found a connection within 2 minutes. Left the game loaded but signed out that profile. Signed in my profile. This forces the game to restart. On restart I was almost immediately in Horizon Life.

For the last half hour it’s been pretty much problem-free. Easy and worth a try.

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Maybe I was tempting fate . . . seems to have gone back to the problems after about an hour. Still, it remains a pretty easy thing to try!

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