[Xbox] Known issues needs updating

I see on the current known issues log we have this:

  • We are aware and currently investigating the issue of players being unfairly banned from Ranked Team Adventure because they “quit”.

But has anyone officially acknowledged the issues - mostly slow connection times or none connection - to the various online multiplayer types?

  • Horizon Life works most of the time for me, but about 20% of attempted connections fail. I don’t get an error message it just stops trying to connect.
  • Online Adventure it will take 10-15mins to connect to a session
  • Every MP event I do - Co-Op, Adventure, Forzathon Live - it will always drop me back to a Solo session afterwards

My Network is for my use only so no Bandwidth issues, my Xbox is fully NAT open, I don’t get any error messages and other games including FH2/3 still work fine online.

Can the poor connection experience be acknowledged as an issue please?