Porsche fans! Fav 911 in game?

Hey guys, just curious as to what your favourite Porsche 911 is in Forza 7? I haven’t had the chance to try all of them yet, after having gotten the game and my Xbox X back a week ago. But I did find the 2016 GT3 RS alot better (easier) to drive than the 2018 GT2 RS that was apart of this games promotion… What are your opinions on the promo car? Any tips to tame it? Tunes? Cheers for any input guys!

The 911 Turbo 3.3 is my favorite. I don’t like modern 911’s. The newest I can tolerate is the 996 GT3.

It sucks that they got the turbo flutter wrong this time. In Forza 6 and Horizon 3 it has it’s own unique turbo sounds, accurate to the real-life counterpart.

Also, it drives too good when it shouldn’t.

IMO I think it’s because of the tires. 930s are much more tame with modern tires.

996 GT3.

Ah I’m glad I’m not the only one! I love the 996, it’s one of my favourites despite how unpopular it is.

But still, trying to choose a favourite 911 is no easy task…

For what it’s worth, the 991 GT2 RS drives pretty strangely so it’s probably my least driven 911 in the game.

The 996 is the 2004 era right?

The 964 Turbo S, of course!

The cover car is quite difficult to drive, as it probably should. GT3 version is much easier.

I like the 1973 Carrera RS as well.

I prefer the original air-cooled look - 911 Classic, 930, 964, and to an extent the 959 & 993. There are just so many racing variants of this car. I’m happy T10 included the 935 as well as the 934 bodywork for the 930.



Serious, though – I’d love to see SO MANY of those in this game but alas, it looks like it ain’t gonna happen.

You got it!

Cheers for the replies guys! I’ll be sure to check out our some of the old school Porsches! They seem to be pretty popular with you guys… I had only really driven the 21st century models up until now.

The 1993 turbo s is my favorite. I like how it responds to powering out of corners and it captures most of the old school turbo feel.

All I can think of when I use this car is the original Bad Boys.

As far as simply getting in and driving it at its limits, easily; the 73’ takes the cake for me. Newer models and I would lean toward the newest GT3 but prefer the Cayman; “It puts the engine where it belongs.”

I was stoked to see 3 911s in the latest Rivals challenge around Bathurst. Between the '16 GT3 RS, the '12 GT3 RS 4.0 and the '14 Turbo S I thought they were all fun to drive but the '16 RS is just such a beast… I was surprised at how well it handled both the tight uphill and downhill turns without getting too loose. And when it does get loose it’s predictable. I can’t wait to see the newest one coming in the update.

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