Porsche 911 Gt2 rs FH3

What happened to the Porsche 911 GT2 rs, it is one of the most powerful 911 to date. Anyways in FM6 it had loud turbos, now in FH3, the turbos are barely heard and the race turbo upgrade has no turbo sound at all. The sounds are one of the things I love about Forza. I hope it can be fixed!

The 1995 gt2 has no turbo sound which kinda sucks.

That Porsche is a Forzathon prize. You can still get it, ends in just under 12 hrs from now. You just have to beat a rival

Unfortunately car sounds are inconsistent in this game. Some sound great, some cars are a carbon copy (BMW M4, Toyota Supra), others a let down with incorrect or inaccurate sounds. Can only hope sound is addressed in the future Horizon and Motorsport games.

I have often been jumping between playing FH3 and FM6. I can tell you the sounds in FM6 on every single car are stunning and make the ones in FH3 sound utterly ****