Pontiac Firebird 1993-2002

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Pontiac Firebird (Fourth generation)

This model has been represented in Forza as the

  • 2002 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Ram Air (FM3-FM)

I have been waiting for the 2002 Pontiac firebird trans am WS6 to come to the forza horizon series.
Car comes stock with a 6.3L and a six speed transmission. This car is an abosulte beast, i believe this is one of the modern muscle cars that forza has been sleeping on. This car will is a much need car in game especially with all the customization in FH5
PONTIAC has so few cars and honestly needs some life for this game. Why not bring in the best one.


I thought it’s a 5.7L


The WS6 has a 6.3L
The firebird (non-Ws6) model comes with 5.7L
Same as 2002 CORVETTE and then the Z06 package

It comes with the 5.7L ls1 or LT1 in the base model trans am and ws6 package, both are 350s, not a 6.3L
which is a Mercedes motor🙄 if your meaning the 6.2L it’s a 383 which have never came from the factory in any model trans am, the only difference between a base model trans am and ws6 package is the upgraded suspension on the ws6, even some base models came with the ram air hood at least do your research


1999 30th anniversary collector edition Trans Am WS-6 RamAir.


I would LOVE to have the '02 Trans Am WS6 in Forza. It’s a great opportunity to use the convertible feature in FH5 because the car was available with T-tops. Beautiful car all-around.


Correct, the Trans Am (be it a WS6 or not) used the 5.7L V8. Only exception is the base model which used a V6.


All 93-02 Trans ams/Firebird V8s come with 5.7 there’s no such thing as a 6.3 …WS6 is just a performance package , Ram air hood added and tighter suspension , same for the 93-02 camaro z28/SSs all came with the same 5.7 the difference is 93-97 Fbodies both camaros and trans ams were 5.7 LT1 motors , the 98-02 cars were LS1s


Im sure most would agree, but the 2000-2002 WS6 is the one we really want.


'93-'97 Coupe:

'93-'97 Convertible:

'98-'02 Coupe:

'98-'02 Convertible:


we need the 1996 WS6 and 2002 WS6

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I would love to see both models plus each trim levels i love seeing the trans am versions of these cars but would be cool to see the 3.4l from 93 to part of 97 and the 3.8 series 2 v6 engines as well

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pontiac 2002 trans-am WS6


2002 Trans-Am Ram Air WS6 needs to join Horizon, along with its cousin Camaro in the same model year.


I would love to see the 2002 Pontiac WS6. It was in the last forza. Why not bring it over. Absolutely beautiful car and huge following behind it. I’d honestly make it my daily/ drag car in fh5.


2000 Pontiac Firebird WS6 Ram Air


Holy bad info in here…

Car came with a 5.7L LS1 at 346ci (Still dubbed the Chevy 350 to the old heads) and a six speed transmission.

If you need an aggressive sound for one, let me know… I would be more than proud to help with data collection/aggregation.


Can’t vote enough for the ‘02 WS6. Please developers, bring it to FH5 if/when you do a muscle car series. The Trans Am is an auto icon of performance and style. It’s already been in the FMS titles. Please bring to FH5 (and future FH titles).



Nice pictures!