Pontiac Firebird 1982-1992

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Pontiac Firebird (Third Generation)

This topic is for voting on versions of this model other than the 1987 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am GTA already featured in FH5.


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Which body style do you prefer?

  • Liftback Coupe
  • Notchback Coupe (1988-1992)
  • Targa
  • Convertible (1987-1992)
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Which appearance do you prefer?

  • Original (1982-1984)
  • Facelift 1 (1985-1990)
  • Facelift 2 (1991-1992)
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Which versions do you prefer?

  • Firebird
  • Firebird S/E (1982-1986)
  • Firebird Trans Am
  • Firebird Trans Am GTA (1987-1992)
  • Firebird Formula (1987-1992)
  • Firebird Formula Firehawk (1991-1992)
  • Special Editions (Pace Car, Anniversary etc)
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Which engine options do you prefer?

  • 2.5L Inline-4
  • 2.8L V6
  • 3.1L V6
  • 3.8L V6 Turbo (TTA)
  • 5.0L V8
  • 5.7L V8
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1983 Pontiac Firebird SE:

1985 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am H.O.:

1987 Pontiac Firebird Liftback:

1988 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am GTA Notchback:

1989 Pontiac Firebird Turbo Trans Am T-Bar 20th Anniversary:

1991 Pontiac Firebird:

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Please add the Forza Edition bodykit!


Despite looking fast the 1982 car really wasn’t. The best engine option yielded 165hp which is fine for normal road traffic but for serious track?

But that’s why engine swaps were invented and I’d very much like to see this in game.

And also because it’s the Knight Rider car. Not KITT but closest possible.

Why not just wish for the Knight Rider Two Thousand (KITT) … - I would love to drive KITT :wink:

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I duno about the rest of the community but I’d love to see the formula get added to horizon

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1987 Pontiac Firebird Formula WS6 5-Speed

Add this to FH5 with an AWD conversion and these engine swaps:

  1. 6.2L V8 (LS3)
  2. 7.0L V8 (Camaro Z/28)
  3. 7.4L V8TT
  4. 8.9L V8 DSC
  5. 8.4L V10 (Viper GTS)
  6. 6.5L V12 (Aventador LP700-4)
  7. 7.7L V12 (Cerbera)
  8. Racing 7.2L V8

Pontiac Firehawk