Polls: FM Update 6 content feedback

Going to start with the same criticism as always: stop disappearing the featured tours. Cylinder-based series is a great and fun idea. You really can’t afford to take great and fun ideas out of your game.

Obviously the big thing is the change to the upgrade system. On one hand, it’s a good thing. It was bad, and now it’s functionally gone. On the other hand, much like the first quick fix that shuffled parts and lower the level requirements, it’s clear it hasn’t been thought very well.

I’ve dedicated a topic on it, so without rehashing it too much, the economy was balanced with the idea you wouldn’t pay for upgrade. Now you can definitely pay for upgrades, but the payouts haven’t changed and I’m feeling it.

I’m just here trying to do the same thing I’ve tried to do since the game came out: trying to have fun despite the game resisting with everything it has. It used to be CP getting in the way, pretty soon it’ll be credit.

So it was poorly thought out. Or perhaps it’s deliberate, to punish those impudents who dare not use the CP system. Either way, it’s a problem. The easiest fix would be to up the CP-to-CR ratio, or just give me infinite credits. I swear I won’t use them for evil.

On another note, the lack of a track is a little disappointing. Most of the spotlight cars being already in the game is also disappointing. Meanwhile I look at Horizon getting new cars up the wazoo.

Considering update 6 isn’t the update that fixed my framerate, and doesn’t contain any improvement I can really measure, it really feels like Motorsport is the ugly stepchild of this Forza family.