Please X-Enhance Forza Horizon 2 and Forza Motorsport 6 :)

I’m in awe at how Forza Horizon 3 looks in 4K, and the better shadows and reflections also make a huge, huge difference I found. Super happy with the results and I will surely be busy with this game for many more months. But when I read how seamless the process was to X-enhance FH3, I am now hoping you guys can take a few moments and upgrade the masterpieces Forza Horizon 2 and Forza 6. I’m done with both games, and FH3 will be my main racer for now along with FM7, but if those 2 older games are X-enhanced I would love to replay them a little more just to clear some of my missing achievements, and just to see how they would look with upgraded graphics.

I realize the results may not be as impressive as that of FH3 since the games are older, and the communities are surely minimal now for those games…but they have great single player campaigns and if it’s not too much trouble, please X-enhance those classics as well! Cheers and keep up the great work!

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I doubt FM6 as it is basically a subset of 7, and they want the upgrade dollars, but I can see something happening with FH2. It is a whole different map and more fun than 3 in terms of map design and memorable races, car physics, and far better playground areas. It still gets play in my community where everyone stopped playing 3 a while ago. Much like Halo 5 vs MCC, even with the bugs people prefer the older versions, and -that- is getting an upgrade at some point!

Also, Horizon 1 got an upgrade to visuals and audio after it came to back compat, so the precedent is there to update older titles. All that said though, FH2 already looks pretty good, and has very pretty sunsets and such, even on the 360 version, without the need for hdr!

Yes I would love for them to just increase the resolution in FH2, the X can easily handle it, and I do not think it would require that much work. I realize there are no “4K assets” for FH2, that game has no PC version and is older, but it would be great if they could just bump up the res, it’s an incredible racer and if not for the existence of FH3, would probably be GOAT today still.

I did not know that about Horizon 1! That’s pretty cool, I will check it out again one day, only reason I did not is I played that game so much lol, never looked back after FH2 released.

Totally understand, what you say makes sense… however I’m hoping they could at least bump up the res in FH2, and as for FH6 it would be quick as well because there is already 4K on PC for FM6. Those are 2 spectacular racers and it is a way to put them back into the limelight, if not now please do it later Turn 10, I’m sure it would make more people buy them too!

Nobody would turn down those two games getting the X enhancement and ideally they would update every Forza on Xbox One.
The issue would be the time and effort needed would show diminishing returns since these older games aren’t making revenue like the current ones do.
Ultimately I would think that MS should push to enhance every Microsoft Studios & Xbox IPs available on Xbox One as a measure to polish and maintain all of them in the best light possible.

These games were developed for the Xbox only and do not have 4K assets available to them, so they’re unlikely to ever get an upgrade.

Forza 5 just got removed from the store and, in a few years’ time, it’ll be Forza 6’s turn, so it’s simply not worth it for Microsoft to invest in a graphics upgrade.

I would have liked to see it but there’s no reason to do so. :frowning:

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