Please support Logitech Driving Force GT

…because it´s wide spread among PC users!
For Dirt Rally they asked the gamers what driving wheel they have and a lot of people use the DFGT! So please support it… Thanks :slight_smile:

I found the survey at the codemaster forums: (

Top Wheel (by a long way)
Logitech Driving Force GT
Less than 50
Fanatec CSR
Thrustmaster T300(+RS)
Logitech MOMO
Fanatec 911 GT3 v2
Thrustmaster TX
Fanatec 911 GT2
Thrustmaster TX 458 Italia
SimXperience Accuforce
Less Than 10
Steel Series SRW-S1
Logitech Formula Force EX
Logitech Driving Force pro
Fanatec CSW
Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari
Microsoft Sidewinder FF
Thrustmaster F430
Fanatec Turbo S
Thrustmaster RGT
Microsoft 360 Wheel
ECCI 7000

In the survey they asked which driving wheels they sould support beside of these:

Currently Supported
Logitech G27
Logitech G25
Thrustmaster T500 RS Racing Wheel
Thrustmaster T500 RS F1 Racing Wheel
Fanatec Clubsport Base v1
Fanatec Clubsport Base v2


Nice found ! I own a driving force GT wheel too and it’s kind of strange that all the forza on PC doesn’t work with it.
And we all know that money come first to any company which sell production. To not make it compatible first with other racing wheel is a bad decision.
Hope there will be a patch soon.

Couldn’t agree more. DFGT is one of the most used when and it just need to be supported in Forza Apex (and Horizon 3).

+1. DFGT is the most popular wheel out there, almost all PC games support it and I simply refuse to buy FH3 until I can use it with the game.

+1 Logitech DFGT user here as well, and another sign to the original request.

I am a DFGT-user, too.

It is sooo sad that such a large group is left out!

+1 on this
add Driving Force GT support to Apex.

me too!!!

i think it’s a very popular racing wheel and it should be supported!

+1 here.
need to support this wheel or at least please let us know if its support will be introduced in future. I dont want spend 200 € and than discover after one month that dfgt support has been implemented. Thanks

+1 DFGT and if this wheel ever goes out, im buying another DFGT

+1 Just please support or give us at least info about the Logitech DFGT, I wont play Forza Apex and I haven’t even bought Forza Horizon 3 because of it! And I know that I’m not alone.

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Hi all

I thought i would mention that my DFGT works in Forza 6 apex, i downloaded the DFGT driver (64bit version). Connected the wheel to my laptop and then started Forza. The wheel is not listed but the game recognises the wheel and everything works. Not sure if this was common knowledge, but i havent seen any posts about it recently, so just thought i would mention it.

Yes please , do give us support for driving force GT.

I see it is supported in the demo of forza 7 and it works like it should so pretty please bring it to 6 apex aswell.

Plus 1 for Logitech DFGT support to be added to Forza Motorsport Apex - I just bought the Premium Edition on the Microsoft Store, ad could not believe this has not been added - I knew it not initially supported, but with Forza 3 and Motorsport 7 having full support, I figured they must have added it into Apex.

How wrong was I…


Isn’t the driving force pro the same wheel?

it needs support also