hello, i just got to tier level 10 yesterday, and today it recognizes it on forza hub but not in game on forza 7, i cannot select the the tier 10 badge only 9. and also forza never gave me my 75k reward for getting to the next tier. i just got my weekly payout today and it was still 275k instead of the 350k promised for tier 10 players, please help me out my gamertag is REGGLE BUSH. i worked really hard to get this tier and the rewards are not there. im really bummed out. i would really really appreciate it

it probably hasn’t refreshed in game yet. Wait until next week and you should have your new reward credits.

As far as the badge goes, you only get up to whatever level you were at when you first booted the game. It doesn’t keep adding badges as you level up. Those were one time rewards for whatever level you were at at the time.

EDIT: I noticed my Hub said I leveled up too. I haven’t checked in game credits yet. Under my Total Forza Score it says 7725/22000 points but in my Friends Leaderboard it says 9775 points. Something’s glitched.

EDIT 2: I just logged into Forza 7 and got my new tier rewards.

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Also noticed hub showing increased tier (12 in my case,) but only giving tier 11 weekly rewards.

Your still appearing as 11 on here but others at tier 12 including me and those above are still getting the tier 11 amount
Same no badge for tier 12 to go along with the missing tier 1 and thank you badge

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The thing has been glitched for years. Missing stats, missing badges, missing rewards. I mean honestly, how can I have badges starting at 2 and going up…I don’t even have the level 1 badge…seriously?

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I changed after early release but before launch day and I received my extra rewards and the level 12 rewards. So I guess it’s random sorry guys!

I have a stack of achievements that aren’t reporting from Horizon, FM5, Horizon 2, FM6, Horizon 3 and now FM7.

At least I have most of my points even if the achievements don’t reflect properly.

Gamerscore has been very slow to update this time around for me.

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Also I passed into Tier 12 this cycle and claiming rewards just now also only gave me Tier 11.

I moved to Tier 12 days ago and I see myself listed as Tier 12 everywhere but it obviously did not propogate to the field that is used to calculate payouts.

Why the same field from the DB isn’t used everywhere is very questionable …

Same for me I reached tier 10 3 weeks ago, I didn’t get the reward for getting to the next tier and it’s the third Friday I receive 275k instead of 350…

What reward do you think you are getting for getting to the next tier
All you get is an increase in the weekly rewards which seems to be broken at the moment

I was almost sure you’re supposed to get an instant 75k credit when you level-up, but I may be wrong. However that’s not a big deal but the issue with the wrong tier reward seems to concern a lot of players and tends to be annoying

Yeh you are supposed to get that when you level up mid week
Same deal for me too
Thought you were referring to driver gear ( which wont happen)
Should also get the tier badge in game too
Theres certainly something not working exactly as it should
But i did just receive an extra amount as well as what i received yyesterday

thanks everyone for posting so fast, atleast i know it isnt just me, feels alot better knowing more people have this problem, if it was just me they would have never done anything about it

oh and all you teir 12’s out there thats amazing, pretty awesome to see guys who have played since 07, while connected to forza hub. i hope you guys are as fast as you look, hoggin the leader boards i bet

I also hit Tier 12 in the first week of release, but am still getting tier 11 rewards. Ho-hum.

I too got the instant payout of 75k after moving from 11 to 12 in the first week. Today only received the level 11 payout, 425k. Still waiting for level 12 badge.

Where do you expect to receive the level 12 badge at, FM7? You were only rewarded the badges that coincided with your tier rating first time you launched the game.

That’s the case with the driver gear, but I think the badges are supposed to be awarded as you hit them. There would be no reason for the tier 12 badge to exist otherwise, as you can’t hit that tier without playing fm7.


Thank you Swooshiain, I rarely post on here as soon as you do someone flames you.Yes I was referring to the badge CRracer 912 FYI.

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