Please no night league races until headlight glitch is fixed

Turn 10, you know this is an issue yet still put a night track in a league. Honestly. Think about what you do before you do it because it seems like you just do not care. Thanks for losing me like 100 points


Wow! Can’t believe that’s still an issue🤦‍♂️. Wth are they even doing anymore…

It’s obvious that they’re more worried about arbitrary issues than actual playability.

The brightness and/or intensity of the lights in general is an issue in this game. Like, especially rear and brake lights are very weak.
Take a look at this GT Sport pic i took with my phone off screen. Thats how brake and rear lights should look like.


What headlight glitch?

I’ve heard of it but my lights always work in night races.

Why should they stop night races when most people don’t have the glitch. I’d start criticising T10 if they started favouring the minority

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Actually it seems to cause issues for quite a lot of people, so just because you aren’t affected doesn’t mean it is a small issue. it doesn’t happen to me all the time but it does happen

I’ve noticed lights not working in the day too, so isn’t just caused by rain or night graphical performance settings. Its annoying to see a bug like this not get fixed, especially when the issue with a Skylines boot in Forzavista gets priority.

This one…

Been in the game since day one and still is not fixed. Happens when you change cars before a night race. Buggiest Forza release I’ve ever seen.

i think the problem occurs only if you make “next race” without coming back to front page main menu.

Have had it quite a few times in multiplayer, have to quit so not to hit anybody

It amazes me that this is even still an issue as I just left a race because of no friggin headlights. It happens way to often.


Not sure but maybe it’s been fixed? Did a race earlier on VIR night and I switched my car after loading in and the headlights still worked. This was in the Endurance GT hopper.

I have had Headlights up, in the rain, but they are not on… Daytime the lights are on… cosmetic damage appearing before the race starts… Headlight toggle in the photomode refusing to light the bulbs… similar things all where some caching variable is turned on, but misses the turn off code.

If I were to list all the things I found wrong with the game, they would probably work on them first, because they seem easy… so I refrain from complaining about the angle of the clock in my favorite car, or the speedometer scaling incorrectly on the only Mitsubishi I will ever drive, or the missing floor panel in James car… I couldn’t care less if they fix those things any time soon, sure, I would be more immersed, but it doesn’t change how the game plays.

Yeah have noticed this on occasion, also going through tunnels in Rio and Dubai gets too dark cos headlights don’t come on. Night races I always have the full racing line turned on.

What leagues have night races? Haven’t seen any in weeks.

The ghost ones have night.