Please for the love of god teach the AI to not brake check mid corners

The amounts of times im in mid corner behind the AI only for them to slam there brakes on when ive started to accelerate out of the corner, why ???

Also on the ovals please teach them to stay in lane and not weave across the track, it just makes the game completely unpredictable and unraceable with damage on, i want to have a clean race without being scared of over taking them incase they shunt me off the track

AI = 1 out of 10 for skill

Other than that and the poor sound its the best driving game out there


Because its a new game the AI have to learn from their humantars (that would be us, lol)

I got F5 a year after it came out so I don’t know what it was like at the beginning.

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It’s not actually AI. You know that, right?

Yes, it is. “Drivatar” is just the semi-clever name T10 came up with for the A.I. in their games.


More like Drivatards, have you seen them on wet spa?

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indeed! like having " drivatars " of friends that didnt own the game … how they can have a drivatar in that case?? they are just AI with the name of people on it

Oh it is, they follow a pre programmed line and use our info for braking, accelerating, mistakes per lap, etc.

Geoff Crammond was far better at driving AI, his never braked too early or exceeded the cars limits.

It’s most hilarious on the ovals where the Drivatars brake for absolutely no reason, almost as if to keep their lap times from being remotely competent. I was doing a Formula E race on the Daytona Tri-Oval and despite the cars having a top speed of 140 MPH (yes, it was a very dull race!), they still felt the need to brake anyway. Wut.

Indycars at the IMS are a mess too unless you’re on the highest difficulty setting. Then it gets fun but they still don’t take corners as fast as they can.

raise the driveatar difficulty. They wont brake check.

It gets way worse the higher you set it. To see it in an exaggerated form do a 20-30lap race at Daytona on Unbeatable. Maybe it’s a specific combination but I’m currently in a Koenigsegg tuned to R800, laps set to 50, Drivatar level on Pro with aggressiveness off. In this race there is a Mclaren P1 leading a 3 car draft that’s hitting a blazing 120mph on the straights. When you begin to approach the pack, it’s splits into 2 or 3 wide with at least one car guaranteed to do a brake check leaving one of the other 2 guaranteed to ram you as you pass the braking car. That’s just one example in this race. Another is a #51 458 Italia that loves to turn left and right at sub 100mph as if it’s trying to warm the tires. That car will only do that once you are within 500ft or so of it. At first I thought the Bugatti Veyron was just stuck in the pits but that’s not the case. It’s simply pitting every single lap. At one point the P1 broke free from it’s drafting buddies and I thought I had a race on my hands. Nope! Just as he approached 2 cars drafting he simply slowed down to match speed and became the brake check car for that pack.

I had this in FM5, as well. It seems like the AI runs cars built for blowing my doors off on a straight, just in time to get ahead of me and then slow to like 30 MPH in corners because their cars can’t turn for anything. They hurry ahead just to become an obstacle. In real motorsports you know what to expect of the guys ahead, because you know when it’s realistic for them to brake and roughly how much they’re going to slow, but here it’s ridiculous braking that’s pretty much just brake-checking you and inviting an accident; pretty inconvenient when running full damage and rewind off. A previous reply suggested it’s a learned behavior or something to that effect, but most players don’t brake so much for Eau Rouge at Spa-Francorchamps, but Drivatars for some reason freak out at the sight of it, so I’ve got a good run for the hill when suddenly nine cars all slam on their brakes, weave about beside one another, and enter Eau Rouge three-across at half the speed of smell while I’m coming up behind at proper speed. They weren’t taught to slow to 30 MPH for Eau Rouge by players, and in FM5 a full year and two years after launch they were still parking on approach to Eau Rouge.

It’s really only caused me trouble at Indianapolis. The times I’ve ran at Daytona, every single car clung to the very outside edge of the track, not just with really fast cars but even in D or C class when there’s absolutely no trouble staying low and still maintaining top speed without even lifting off the throttle. Indy, on the other hand, is pure insanity, and approaching lapped traffic at 230 MPH is terrifying because you know for a fact they’re going to surprise you with a last-moment jump across the track right in front of you.

T10 said they had actually worked on this Drivatar habit for FM6 - wish I could say I can see the improvement.

Yea it was mainly on the ovals where they had no reason to brake mid corner, guess your right where they brake to keep there lap times low, i did up the difficulty cause of this but was still an issue, guess its one thing we will have to get used to

Play it on Unbeatable or Pro (if your in tuned car its no problem to win) and they are a bit better behaved. (especially on braking where they shouldn’t) But unless you have played it in MP - you would see they are acting like persons… Check mark limit aggression as well.

It was comical how many times I had to pit during the Indy 250 because i kept crashing into idiots doing 20mph weaving all over the track

Pair that with broken endurance rewind feature = race being 20+ minutes longer then it needed to be…

I think there are just too many on the track at once, its like there is not enough processing power in the xbone to control that many cars at once, the front runners have all the runtime and the backmarkers have none.

Try a free race with just 10-15 ai and you’ll see what I mean.

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This! This! This! Read my report above about running a 50lap Daytona. I did it again tonight with only a 10 car field and had completely different results. I meant to post something earlier but it slipped my mind.

Some people have said running the game offline is also helping, what they do is go to the xbox’s system settings to go offline and its important to then run the game and change difficultly and then put the difficulty back to what you want, it loads a default set of drivatars so they say.

As far as I can recall AI brake checking has been an issue in every single Forza game. It’s not a drivatar thing, it’s like they don’t know how to work the throttle or brake lightly so even if they only want to slow down a minuscule amount they have to give the brakes a full pump.