Please don’t mess it up

I bought an xbox because forza was better than gran turismo. Forza 2 made me want an xbox. Forza 3 and 4 made me never want too play gran turismo again. Forza 6 and 7 made me start to question the direction of the franchise.
Now on the verge of forza motorsport and having bought an xbox one SERIES X pretty much for this game, im questioning my decision.

Anyone else feel the same way?

Playing fm7 for a couple of weeks, and although theres alot of good things, theres still alot of things that need work.

What are some things fm7 got right, and what did it get wrong.

And the ultimate question, will the next title improve or will it fall short once again?

Right now I think its going too fall way short. (Not graphics wise or maybe even physics wise) But thats because they haven’t told us any info about the gameplay or how they plan too support the community.

What do they have too do right in order for you too spend 70 bucks on this game?

If you were going to buy a console specifically for the upcoming game, you should’ve gotten an XBOX Series X. Even if they somehow largely manage to NOT mess it up, the One X version (if there is one) would be the most likely to be a miserable experience.

I thought the new Forza would be for the Series consoles and PC. Is this going to be cross gen again?

They’ve said there’s no native XB1 version, but it’s playable on XB1 with the cloud version.

A series x i bought

Going by what we know so far, it’s going to be “look at the pretty graphics” and gameplay will fall woefully short. It’s an all too common mistake seen by those of us who have been gaming since the days of the C64, Amiga, etc, looking pretty does not compensate for basic flaws and, as I say, going by what we know so far given the extremely limited information and continual delays, expect the worst.

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I have also bought series x to play forza. first it was a new monitor (1080 120 hrz from HDMI) where I tried xbox 360 with forza motorsport 4. the 360 ​​makes a lot of noise but at 4 it plays very well, very well seriously. I hope you can play very well. and that it is not only in featured events all the playable options. that we can enjoy throughout the game. I need more information soon.

Considering the Forza Motorsport series’ passing in September 2021, I agree with the OP. This is Forza Motorsport’s last chance.

If FM8 isn’t a truly great game then it’s most likely to be lazy and uninspired game journalist-fodder forever.

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And then it’ll be canceled in 4 years.