Playing on both PC and XBOX one

I have an XB1, but play FM7 on that, a laptop and a desktop.

I know XB1 ownership is required to participate in Forza RC events, and that at a live event that is the system you must use.

I’ve looked through the handbook, though, and can’t find any specific reference (apologies if I missed it) that says only hotlaps and race events done at home specifically on the XB1 will count. I have access to all these events on my PC’s, which I prefer to use due to using my laptop when travelling and my home PC being a much higher spec allowing 4k play, but so far I don’t seem to appear anywhere on any leaderboards (I would not be very high up I can assure you!).

All the hints are that this is the case, including a mention that the XB1X can be used for these events, but I just wondered if I have missed the clarification of this somewhere.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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3.3 and 5 in the handbook.
'3.3 Hardware & Software Requirements

A Driver is only eligible to participate in the ForzaRC if they have;

An Xbox One system console
Xbox Live Gold Membership
Internet connection
Forza Motorsport 7

Drivers must note that during events, Xbox One X consoles may be used. ’

'5. Driver Equipment
5.1 ForzaRC-Provided Equipment

ForzaRC officials will provide, and ForzaRC Drivers will exclusively use, equipment in the following categories to ForzaRC Drivers for all official ForzaRC matches on site at events:

Xbox One system console & Monitor
Headsets and/or Microphones
Table and Chair

At the request of an ForzaRC Driver, ForzaRC officials will provide the following categories of equipment for use in all official ForzaRC matches on site at events:

Controller Charging Cables

All ForzaRC-provided equipment shall be chosen, selected and determined at the sole discretion of the ForzaRC.

Drivers are expected to have sufficient equipment to be able to participate online which is not provided.

5.2 Driver-Owned or Team-Owned Equipment

Drivers are allowed to provide equipment in the following categories, which are owned by themselves, into the match area and use such equipment during official ForzaRC matches:


*Drivers will only be allowed to use Officially Licensed Microsoft Xbox controllers Including but not limited to the Xbox Elite, Scuf and Razer controllers. Modified and other third-party controllers will not be allowed.

All Driver-owned equipment must be submitted to ForzaRC officials in advance for approval. Unapproved equipment or equipment that is suspected by ForzaRC officials of providing an unfair competitive advantage will not be permitted for use, and Drivers will be required to use ForzaRC provided equipment instead. At their discretion, ForzaRC officials may disallow the use of any individual piece of equipment for reasons relating to tournament security, safety or operational efficiency or effectiveness. No Driver-owned hardware, equipment or apparel may be brought into the Match Area if it features or displays any name, likeness or logo of a company or brand which is a competitor of Turn 10 Studios, Microsoft or Gfinity. ’

Thanks for the references, I had seen those but the pedant in me saw that the requirement to own an XB1 is simply a requirement to be eligible for participation, and the information about provided equipment is specific to organised events. It’s useful because it means that you have basically seen what I have and it’s a matter of interpretation.

I own an XB1 which makes me “eligible to participate” but what isn’t made crystal clear is that this XB1 MUST be used in all in-home events in order for that participation to be recognised. I could not find any reference saying that people participating on a PC format will not have their sessions recorded in the Forza RC whether they are registered and eligible or not.

I appreciate the implication is there, but it’s not explicit. I think I’ll just assume this is the case and that the rules are not perfectly written; to be fair I wouldn’t bother employing a contract lawyer to make sure they are perfectly written either!

I would suggest replacing:

“A Driver is only eligible to participate in the ForzaRC if they have;”


“A Driver is only eligible to participate in the ForzaRC and all Forza RC events if they have, and are using;”

Apologies for being a pedant but cynicism grows with age and you really start to notice these things! It’s not even that big a deal I was just curious about what would and wouldn’t count!


Do not play on PC the same week that a rival event is up. Gfinity cannot tell if your time is set with a PC or Xbox and only know that you played on PC. They take the safe approach and disqualify anyone during that week that played on PC.

This happened to a fast player in week one who did rivals with Xbox but played casually on PC during the same period.

Note by week I mean during the days a rival event was live.

I doubt it matters which Xbox you use as long as you use an Xbox that is in your gfinity region.

Hi, fast player here. Thanks to that, I won’t be able to qualify for any offline event regardless of how well I do for the remainder of the season. I already did the math. :frowning:

Lol yw. You’ll be fine in round 2. I thought at first that you would be ok, but given how little points racing gives, it’s an impossible feat unless a ton of players don’t play in comp #4.

Thething is that if you read the rules, it says that players willwin points at the offline event, which leads me to believe that points from round 1 carry over to round 2. If that is the case I then for sure I won’t be able to qualify regardless of how well I race. If not, then I should probably be able to qualify for round 2 playoffs in Mexico City.

Good point. Hmm. It does look like it cumulative. For whatever reason i thought the top 12 in round 1 advance to world final but I guess not after further review. Mexico seems impossible unless you already made top 50 in world for round 1.

Basically now it’s just hoping people drop out due to the grind.

Wow, that’s a completely different level of suckiness, really sorry to hear that.

I was never going to be competitive in any meaningful way and I can’t avoid playing on my laptop unless I avoid the game altogether or somehow wean the wife off Coronation Street, so I guess as they say on Dragon’s Den, “I’m out!”

Thanks for the info, hope they manage to find a solution to this someday.