control for Forza 7 in WINDOWS 10

HELP! I’ve been running Forza 7 on Xbox one since day one. I just finally upgraded to win 10 on my pc, and installed Forza 7. I don’t know how to control it. I’ve using a wheel and pedal system on a driving rig on my Xbox, but I can’t figure out how to use it on pc, or my wireless contoller that came with the xbox. Any ideas people? Microsoft couldn’ t help.

you can buy a Microsoft wireless receiver for PC, which isn’t that expensive, which will allow you to use your wireless Xbox controller on your PC. It will also work if you have the play and charge cable, as it connects to the PC via USB.

This is the receiver in the Amazon UK store, you’ll just have to search for it in your own country if you’re not in the UK

I can’t help with the wheel though, you’ll have to refer to the manual to see if it’s PC compatible (it should be if it works on the Xbox, but couldn’t say for sure). If it is PC compatible, you should go to the manufacturer’s website to see if there’s a driver package needed to install the wheel on your PC.

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Thanks for the reply. Is this what you are referring to? Robot or human?

I’m getting older and forgetting what little I used to know. (70 now) I used to build PCs, but too much time away from the tech and I am way out of date. I tried talking to Microsoft but that was a big waste of time. One of the people I spoke with actually told me Forza 7 wasn’t working right now (on either platform) and updates would be forthcoming. I’ve been playing on my Xbox one since the early release with no problems. I updated to win 10 and bought an additional copy of Forza 7 (digital) just so I could try to design better on my PC. I’m hoping to pick up some pointers and be able to figure out how to get artwork into my game so I can trace it.

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Hey Greg, yes that would work. I have the older Xbox 360 version, but the Xbox One receiver should also work, as I believe they’re backwards compatible :0) I don’t have an Xbox One so have been out of the MS gaming scene up until FH3 came out on PC. The PC updates for FM7 have been hit and miss too. One minute it’s working, then they fix something which breaks something else, and so on. It seems fairly stable since the last update though, at least on my machine. I expect there are others who will disagree with me though…

Hi Guy,

I got the adapter for my PC and it works, sometimes. When I fire up Forza 7, I get a notice that my PC doesn’t have enough memory, but I just continue. Unfortunately, Forza stops and re-boots at will. I have a two or three year old PC that I built with 8 megs of ram. I find it hard to believe that is not enough. The PC is an Intel 1-7, running at 3. something with an SSD drive. I only want to use this PC to design and paint. I have found some software that works on win 10 and apparently will help me get designs into forza 7 for copying, etc. Of course, I have to get the program to work first. The program is called glass 2K, but I haven’t tried to get it yet due to my other problems. I may just add 8 megs of memory and waste a little more cash.