FRC Invitational 2019: Week 1 Equipment

I watched a portion of the ForzaRC Invitational Series on Saturday and was wondering if there were any mention of the equipment being used for the event? Were all players running PCs or consoles; and if on PC, what were the machine specs in terms of CPU, graphics adapter(s), motherboard and monitor(s)? Also, were the players given the option to choose their preferred input device or were they all required to use either a wheel or a controller?

I’m mostly curious about this as I’m thinking about building a gaming rig that is representative of the performance and presentation of what T10 considers a benchmark system for running FM7. I noticed at other e-sport events, such as the invitational for League of Legends this past summer, they show the playing environment as well as the specific equipment supplied by manufacturer/sponsors such as Aorus.

I personally haven’t played any Forza titles on a high-end gaming rig but, from my understanding, there is a performance hit when playing these titles from a console that significantly disadvantages it during cross-platform play. My interest in the equipment used at the FRC Invitational is to get an idea as to what specific hardware components T10 and PG is using as a reference point for benchmarking FM7 and Horizon 4 performance, and to better understand why the Forza “experience” is so varied among the community.

Thanks in advance for any information you may be able to provide me!

Hi seanbil, I just saw your post and am happy to fill you in on the key details for the 2019 ForzaRC set-up.

  • The vast majority of players are using console rather than PC

  • All players invited are using controllers (although wheels can offer the same pace, most top players do not find it worthwhile to purchase a wheel when a controller is easier to set up and maintain). Players can use any device they want for each qualifying round, however wheels will not be allowed at the Live Finals.

I hope this answer helps you, seanbil! if you have any more questions, do reply in the thread.

JSR John

Thank you, JSR John for providing that information!

It’s neat to know that most of the ForzaRC contestants are opting to compete using the exact same equipment as found in millions of homes worldwide, and will eventually be required to play with a controller like most of the Forza Community already do. GTK!

Thanks again! :slightly_smiling_face:

I am glad to have helped you, seanbil!

The ForzaRC has genuinely been one of the most accessible racing competitions across all platforms (consoles and PC) for this very reason. Although it has receive a lot of criticism for not apparently being ‘real’ or ‘sim’ enough for fans of others games, the fact that all can compete to the highest level on an Xbox controller (whether that’s a standard edition or Elite controller) - no expensive wheel & pedal setups needed!

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