Playground Select Car Pack

A new, free for a while car pack was announced!

Did not see this coming, awesome!

A good, IMO, selection of cars too, happy to see with which is more than likely, the last pack for FH2 :).


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And thus, I am pleasantly surprised. Can’t wait to get back from vacation and download my beautiful Civic Si. Soon, the AH53 will dominate the mountains of Europe, and there’s nothing those AE86 posers can do about it!

Told ya buddy!


YES! The Daytona finally! And the fact that this pack is free makes it even better.

Thank you PG/T10


Great pack and free!

Awesome! Nice to see Volvo back, and the Daytona finally, wouldve got this pack even if we had to pay lol but free is great

69 Daytona…finally, I wondered if we would ever get it on X1 lol. Overall, good selection of cars apart from the F1 GT…would of prefered 1 last surprised offroader but the rest are great!

Incredible! And that Fiat… Beautiful! Great stuff.

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Turn 10 thank you for bringing back the 86 Civic and the 69 Daytona.

The daytona oh how I missed you decent pack i like all the cars except the F1 as i prefer the standard and the LM versions Thanks for making it free

Finally Volvo is back! :smiley:

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Thank you T10 and Playground Games for a great free pack!

McLaren F1 GT, this has made the pack for me.

Look forward to some designs :slight_smile:

Can you do a West or Vodaphone design for the F1?

This one?

Love it,any in black?

West livery in black or just a black in general. There’s the 29R

got this one does on the original F1 though I need to stretch the shapes out to fit the longtail as it should have originally been.

Like… this one?