Playground Car Pack Not Free

I tried downloading it this morning and it wanted to charge me $5 so i figured it was an issue and now tried after I got home from work and still wants to charge me. All the advertising says 8/11 is the last day and the Facebook page made a post today stating today was the last day. So anyone have any idea if this is going to be fixed or am I and the angry people on FB just beat on the “free” pack? And here I was like cool new cars to play with to get me back into the game again but this just frustrated me that I don’t even want to play the game. Cmon Turn 10, get with MS and fix this for your fans!

Dd you go through the marketplace or through the Forza Hub App on Xbox One?

All the advertising says that today is the last day but it also says it must be downloaded through the Forza Hub Application on the Xbox One console. All the angry people on facebook probably didn’t click on the link and probably failed to read the article.

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I went through the hub right after I saw the facebook post yesterday, it wanted me to pay $4.99. I missed the deal.

Yepp went through the Forza Hub App, said free in the App and you click to go to the marketplace to download it for “free” and then once it switched to the marketplace it was $4.99

I had the same issue. It’s still not free.

wasn’t it only free up until August 11th?

It was suppose to be but when I checked yesterday, on the 11th, at around 3pm CST, it was $4.99 for me. I went into the hub and clicked on the get it free link.

Same here - went to get it yesterday and it wanted $5. I posted on Twitter about it but the only response was from Xbox Support to look for more info here. Hoping they can give out codes or something as they did say it would be available for free through the 11th of August. I recently pre-ordered the Ultimate FM6 package so obviously I am not afraid to support T10, but this is just irritating me to no end in the meantime…

Damn. Can’t believe I missed this.

A guy gets on a coding crunch time and steps away for a few days and this happens.

Did it say it was free through the 11th or until the 11th?

Slight difference in wording and a whole different meaning? In any case, if it was supposed to be free on the 11th and wasn’t you can try sending an email to and hope for the best.

I went to the link on the 9th, still wanted to charge me 4.99$ I really want a code, that volvo looks sick to tune!

It said up until the 11th. So the actual last day to get it free would have been the 10th.

No, they said it was free through the 11th.

There seems to be conflicting dates because in the RVM article on Monday the 10th, John wrote “I hope to see you tomorrow in the Forza Motorsport Twitch stream at 1 p.m. I’ll be hanging out and driving the cars of the Playground Select Car Pack, which will be FREE until the end of the day today.”