Players dont race yet still win

While i was racing in the Ghost League lobby. I was on Yas Marina and leading by a good margin, and about to finish the race, when all of a sudden a BAC Mono that never left the start/finish line all of a sudden was put into first place. Then on the next race at Bathurst. Same Thing but this time It was the BAC Mono and a Lancer. Neither one left the start/finish line. But as soon as I came around the last corner I went from 1st to 3rd without being passed and again. The 2 cars that never left the start/finish somehow came in 1st and 2nd.
Is this a glitch that people have figured out how to exploit or was it maybe they were racing and it was just showing to me that the never did? Have other people seen this or am I just going crazy lol.

I had the samething happen to me too! I saw them stop on the track on the last lap when I was about to finish in 1st it blinked and I was put in 2nd there was 3 of us 1 quit just before the race start the other 1 was racing with me in a 5 lap race when he couldn’t catch me they stopped on the last lap then bam I’m 2nd and also the 1 that quit before the race raced me the last race did the samething stopped then bam I’m 2nd. These two were working together because there was only 3 of us in this lobby when all this happend.

No one is doing this on purpose.

A buddy and I were racing on Yas about a week ago and around the last lap he starts yelling at me for running him off the road. I was stunned because there was literally no one around me, we soon realized that he could see me and I could not see him but I could still make contact/crash him without knowing it.

Then last night my buddy was in 3rd place on road America and I was in 1st, but it was telling him he was in second and he couldn’t see me this time. He made a little contact with me going into the final turn and had no idea I was there. It only showed the correct places once I(the invisible one) crossed the finish line.

Now the next race we did was at Road ATL and we could both see each other so we figured the issue was gone, however every time he would come around the last corner he was complaining about how many cars(8-10) were ghosted just sitting at the start/finish line area like they never started the race. But from my view there was only 2 cars that didn’t start, so it turns out he couldn’t see almost half of the lobby and could crash them without even realizing it.

Now on to the next race at Silverstone again we could both see each other but he was unable to see half the lobby again, I did my best to stay behind him and warn him of the cars he couldn’t see, but he still ended up hitting a few of them unknowingly. Also on the Road ATL and Silverstone races it was the same people in both races that he couldn’t see. I even get slammed off the track right in front of my buddy(formula Ford) and since it was one of the cars he couldn’t see that took me out, he was like what the … just happened.

My biggest problem with this is that people could be banned or Rep affected and not even knowing that they are running right through people. And the replays show all the cars as they should.

So here are a few clips from the 3 races where this happened.
-Road America I was blue supra he was orange car, he didn’t totally crash me because I was yelling at him that he was up my tail pipe.
-Road ATL the black and blue Aston and red, white and blue Ford GT, the viper, Lambo and green Charger(?) were all not able to be seen by my buddy
-Silverstone The same black and blue Aston and RWB Ford GT were still not visible, also RWB NSX and Orange muscle car were not visible

His network stats 30 down 6 up 99 ping NAT open

My network stats
135 down
34 up
20 ping(150 ping to server over 2,500 miles away)
NAT open

I hope your right DAT trashman. But is seemed fishy. The hole race I’m in first. It shows me in first and it even has me in first by 1000+ feet. And even tho i have driven past them on all the previous laps as they sat at the start/finish line. Bam They win and Im knocked down a few spots. But it could just be a glitch and they were in fact racing the whole time, but just appeared to me to be sitting still. Thats why I didnt want to put any names in my original post. Just incase it was a weird glitch and they didn’t even realize it was happening. I’ll have to try and save a replay of it if it happens again.

If it is a glitch reminds me a lot of one almost the same, if not the same, that hapenned in Grid AS; some people stack on the start line, then go back in the last lap or something similar, and finish the race in first position.

It doesn´t be nothing strange because many people entertaiment themselves looking for that kind of glitches, pretty sad but very common.


P.s. I only played in Drift lobbies a couple of times, but i saw something strange in two races regardless of the position at the end and the real position leaderboard i can saw it…some rare but…really i don´t know if it is the same case.

It gets worse. I saw a white Lancer MR that just sat at the start line the whole time.
Because he was the only racer in the active race in the Ghost B League, the race never ends.
No one can join/start a new race. He cannot be kicked out. The race never ends.
B league held hostage by 1 non-racer. I imagine this could happen if a team of people just never
finish and hold up the whole league board.
I tried leaving and coming back in, but it’s the same board with the same Lancer.