Ok so you remove some cars on road cars from game to add Baja trucks (I need my dirt track for) artic trucks over alot other cars like Toyota supra,super snake,Durango RT srt Etc or add dirt tuning is fun and all but only so much could be done to keep trucks on the road I’ll take a go cart Nissan Maxima hell I’ll take a Nissan juke or Corolla
Not mad just saying what I like

Are you drunk? or is half this thread missing.

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I’m drunk, and I can’t make sense of it either… ;0)


I think he’s either voicing his discontent at the removal of some road cars or the introduction of the Horizon cars and lack of off road tracks.

An easy solution is to play Horizon for the off road stuff, and FM7 for the track cars.

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he’s obviously not happy with the removal of some road cars while adding some that belong off road. English is not everyone’s first language guys, grow up and be more considerate. to the op, yes i agree but it is what it is.


English is not my strongest but that guy understands it plus it’s not that bad. And not mad just saying more on road less trucky suvs cool. Just like cars more then Baja trucks around a track. How was that now my feelings are hurt naaw just joking

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There is a Juke in the game. It’s quite fun to drive actually.

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Since this is a picking thread, I’ll puck on the Honda civic from the specialty dealer. I used it in a hatch class, stuck in cockpit view due to MOD card.

The windshield has a decal on in. The windshield at some point in time got dirty but had the wiper path cleared off. First, I didn’t run the wipers, it was a clear sunny day. Second, the clear wiper path was visible UNDER the decal. How did it get dirty between windshield and decal, and how did it get a clean swipe under decal too? The unrealistic nerve!

Sound like you went through alot with that decal buttercup a major glitch that need a fix. Know bout the unrealistic version of it we understand get got it chill my friend

Please use an established Wish List thread for items you’d like to see added to the game.

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