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Well, since no1 did so fari guess its up to me to to make the first post xD

Not sure if i completly understand what you are doing so please correct me if im wrong :slight_smile:
You are basicly driving every single car(excluding the categories mentioned) which the game offers for a given time, find a fitting tune for it/tune it to your liking in hope to find “the one an only” car for each of the mentioned categories?
How do the routes fit into this? Do you only test them on those you listed above? Or specific cars on specific roads? And the goal is to find your perfect car for your “Top 5(6)” and hoping to see how other players ultimate car list would look like?
If im not already at the “nope wrong, try again, more luck next time” point and somewhat right with what i think you are doing im going to leavy my first version of my perfect garage line up here which might change as time goes on an we get more motorized toys to play with :smiley:

  1. Vw Golf Mk3 GTI Vr6
    -My first car was a '96 Mk3 1.8 GT(poor mans GTI^^) in real life and it was one of the first cars i bought when i got into the forza series while trying out FH4, always had a place in my favourites tab and got used on a regular base since it always gave me a little of the feeling i had back when i got my license and realised how much bigger the world just got for me :3

  2. Ultimate Road-trip
    -Roadtrip? Ultimate? Sounds like…Volkswagen! Type 2! :smiley: Cant have a road trip without a T2(or even better T1^^) Usually gets used for chilled driving while watching a movie or so on 2nd screen and not being able to find a reason to close the game :d Also shows all our xyz-mp/h cowboys that its not about speed, its about style :wink:

  3. Date Night

  • none so far probably smth. casual with a bit of style, no need to compesate anything with a car :smiley:

4 (i). Weekend Fun
-Vw Golf 2 with dirt/cc tune and awd to resemble a Golf Mk2 Country (Offroad Golf, designed for hunters and farmers back in the day :slight_smile: )Sure bringing the Toyota Baja truck or any other big offroader would also work, but i really like driving cars that are outside of any meta stuff or just rare sights overall :slight_smile:

4 (ii). Track Toy

  • '94 Mazda Miata for drifting/learning to drift. Dunno what it is about the Miata but its just a car one has to love, even without knowing why :slight_smile:
  1. Garage Dream
    -also none for now, just too many cars that might fit, but i havent driven at all or enough so far to be sure :slight_smile:

Isnt this what everybody does??? LMAO. Or what else is to do, besides liveries and tunning?

I thought the thread was about something completely different lol. But again, unfortunately, not surprised that it has so many replies already…

This sounds like a fun and interesting project and I will be following along.

I’ve even started testing out various cars on the Blueprints you’ve made.

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How you manage to keep up such a high level of enthusiasm for the game and willingness to do these things I don’t know buddy.


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