Photo from Summer and Winter gone from playlist

Summer and Winter show 97%. I’m positive I did the winter one. Pretty sure on Summer. Anyone else? I didn’t save the pics so no proof.

Sure you are in dlc lands (lego or fortune), come back to main land and your percentage will be 100%

Don’t you think I would have checked that? That’s not it

It is a known bug. I lost one progress to 97% in the past too. Since then I don’t travel to DLCs anymore. I guess before seasons end it is best to come back to mainland and double check Festival Playlist progress. I didn’t and by the time I noticed that picture challenge wasn’t available anymore. Looks very annoying when you scroll through history and one season is at 99% and not gold :frowning:

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I was doing a lego trial just before the winter season ended because I was 20 min early last Thursday and it did switch to spring while I was still doing that trial. I did the same thing the Summer before the Autumn season started. Was early for the switch over that time as well. That aligns with what you said. Thanks, good to know. I won’t do that again. I always check so it was odd and I clearly remember doing the winter pic because I thought I may have possibly forgotten in Summer.

Had the same issue. Was wondering why I was at 99% last night after finishing everything and looked back and the winder photo didn’t register. I’m positive I did it because it was one of my Star Trek liveries flying through the air.

I had a 100% for Summer and now that Autumn has started it shows only 97% and that I missed the photo challenge.

I’m trying to go for a 100% Series completion for the first time since owning this game, why did I lose this?! Can it be fixed?

If you left it in Lego or Fortune Island when the season changed you will lose the picture. Always leave the game on the mainland when you are done playing. This happened to me a few seasons back.

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Balls, I did do that. I was on Fortune Island doing the co-op championship but never went back after giving up on it…

dude i had the same thing happen to me yesterday. kinda annoyed about it. was doing lego races when the season changed and i lost the lambo photo challenge