Does Festival Playlist progress still reset if you travel to DLC?

I’ve read that if you travel to either Fortune Island or Speed Champions, your progress on the Festival Playlist gets forgotten.

Anyone know if this is still true?


Not quite. It’ll show as not being complete whilst on either island, until you travel to the main island again (once on the main island, you can confirm nothing was actually lost). It isn’t actually lost/forgotten, just seems to be a bug or some such (postman doesn’t deliver notes that far I guess hehe), in how it’ tracked between them (I’ve seen it myself since I first got it)


I’ve never noticed that bug, and I spend a fair amount of time on the Island.

I see it every time I go to either Fortune Island or Lego Island, always have (Xbox One X here if that helps)

Like Ribeyefan said.
I always do DLC islands PR stunts and I did notice greyed out stuff on playlist, bud didn’t care much, as it all goes back to normal, when you get back to main land.

If you travel to Fortune Island or Lego Valley it says that you haven’t completed the photo challenge, but everything else still shows a completed.