Season percentage changed between sessions

Hi all,
I loaded up my save on Xbox the other day and my winter season has dropped from 100% to 97%. The photo challenge has reverted to ‘not complete’!

This is super frustrating as it’s the only thing out of the whole season that isn’t counting anymore. I definitely did it, but can’t see why it’s not showing as completed anymore.

Has anyone else seen this? Is there a fix? It’s rubbish that my season is finishing on 99% because the photo from winter has gone back for some reason!


Were you on Lego or Fortune Island when you checked? I only ask as the Photo Challenge always shows as incomplete when on one of the DLCs and reverts to complete when you return to the mainland


No, I’d been to fortune Island, and exited the game there, but it restarted me on the mainland when I reloaded a day later.

Yeah, you got screwed by the same bug I got hit by in the past. If you’re not on the mainland when the season rolls over, you lose the Photo Challenge.

Why this has never been addressed is perplexing.