Performance - Long Loading Times

When Forza Horizon 5 launched, the average loading time was approximately 3 and a half minutes, from booting the game to the point where you can drive a car. Now it’s nearly 7 and a half minutes. Why?

What is the game loading that now takes an additional 4 minutes? I have both the Hot Wheels and Rally Adventure expansions, and all the cars in the game, but surely the game is not loading all of those from the get-go?

I think the game gets continually slower loading up the more you do in the game, loading in on my alt is far quicker than when I do it on here despite obviously using the same game, console + internet connection.

You talking PC or console? Issues may differ depending on platform

I did notice the initial load time on my system has increased considerably on Win 11, thinking about some investigation to see what’s arguing with what because the difference since the update is noticeable. Not as bad as the OP, but definitely noticeable.

Edit: Of course, there’s now THREE directories with “gamehelper” or whatever executables that have to go through a malware scan of some sort depending on what AV software you use. Must dig deeper to see if I can find out if this is Defender and FH5 having a tizzy or if it is something that has been implemented to block the use of things like trainers, see what can be whitelisted, because it is something new, it is annoying seeing the system chuntering away with an AV scan for no reason, and who knows what it is doing with other AV software and/or with different system configs…


Console. Specifically, XboxOne. (More specifically, the original model, Advanced Warfare Limited Edition XB1 console). Cache has been cleared. However, HDD is at 97%, not that I feel that is relevant. Game is the disc version, not digital.

The load times for the first year were averaging around 3 and a half minutes - that’s from booting the game from the Xbox dashboard to the Playlist showing up. Now it’s nearly 8 minutes.

It’s not so relevant to you, but I was heading the direction I was because it seems most issues are on PC over console. In your case I would look at the age of the hardware, hard disk (you can replace them for 2.5 inch SSD’s, all the software, etc, needed to prep a drive to upgrade that is available from Microsoft ), etc, because the loading times are sloooowwww on a One X. Not tried the game on One X, or Series S, since the update, but I expect it to be much worse as you’re try to process more and more data through older, more limited, hardware with its own bottlenecks whether that is PC or console.

Edit: Just noticed HD at 97 percent. That is EXTREMELY relevant if 97 percent full as some HD space will be needed for pre-caching, etc. You also risk data corruption as things try to write to the same free block at the same time. Clear some space, move things to an external drive if necessary, or spend 100 USD on a DECENT 2Gb SATA SSD and replace the HD. Instructions are all out there, all software is available from Microsoft for the One and One X so you can start from a completely “fresh” system if you want.

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Im currently having issue since i got the Alfa Romeo 8c jn italian automotives update. Im at title screen for over a minute after pressing to start and takes longer to load in after, loading up races take longer and selecting my cars tab selection takes ages to show up

On series x as wee

On SeriesX, been having long load times with it. Occasionally getting stuck for enough time for me to wash dishes at the initial loading screen (10 minutes I’m guessing). Also having a lot of missing images when looking at the garage (as someone who works by look of cars rather than names, its confusing). This is only since the latest update.

Definately feels a lot slower than it did a week ago.

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