Forza load time

So I noticed 2 updates ago that Horizon 4 seemed to be taking longer to load then what it first did when I got it, so the other day I decided to run the stop watch and see how long it actually took to load up.
I did it in 3 steps timed how long it would take for it to load up the first screen from starting the game from scratch which took just over a minute, the 2nd was from when you hit enter for the first time and plays the video that also took just over a minute the last bit I timed was from when you click enter the 2nd time until the game actually loaded and that took 1min 27 sec so all up from starting the game to getting into the game to the Festival Playlist took 3 and a half minutes.
Now I don’t have a high end PC just an i7 with 16gb of ram and 8gb vram amd video card.


Depends on the speed of your HDD and how much is on it. Maybe invest in an SSD or SSHD and then you’d get faster load times.

I am having the same issues and speed of the HDD isn’t the main problem because 2 updates ago it would load almost instantly, but now it takes about 5 mins to load.

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I’ve read somewhere that removing all DLCs except two expansions (Fortune Island & LEGO) should help.

I have the same issue. Load times got worse, my festival season % is disappearing and my weekly challenges keep resetting.

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This has been going on for months. They are ignoring the issue. Mine has been doing this since May, with the added bonus of a crash to desktop before it loads slow. They probably aren’t going to fix it.


I had the same issue after a windows update last week. Thankfully I saw this post on Reddit yesterday, fixed the problem and everything is back to normal.

I’ve got mine installed on a portable HDD and it use to load really quick when I first got it, it started to take ages to load 2 updates ago and way before I got the DLC content so I know that isn’t the reason for it.
At least I can play all the online stuff which couldn’t do before so Im just taking that as win and sucking up the long time, now I start the game and then go make a coffee or sandwich while it loads instead of doing before hand that is unless it crashes while loading which it does every couple of days.

Just try the fix from Reddit, it has nothing to do with the DLC and some sort of bug with windows when it comes to loading the car packs that aren’t really anything. If you delete them all you still have the cars in-game. Literally takes the same amount of time to uninstall the cars as it does to load the game lol.

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This has always been slow to load for me (I know we may have different conceptions of what is slow but no other game I own or have ever owned, takes as long as this does).

Lately it takes a bit longer, I am getting regular black screens for in-game loading which in the past took a few seconds, now take 10+ seconds (black screen except for a spinner in the bottom right).

I’m on a fast PC with i7 and SSDs. The game just seems to be a resource hog, badly optimised (re loading times) and doesn’t make proper use of the hardware. Presumably due to being designed for the low spec Xbox One.

(I don’t have the car pass either.)

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