Performance - Frame drops and stuttering while driving in the Valle De Foraneos Dunes (3890320)

On PC it doesn’t even start. At least I can’t even enter the game after synchronizing the data the game closes 1 minute later without actually entering… a disaster

did you have CheatEngine or WeMod or anything similar opened while run the game?
Game will automatically shut down if it detects them

As far as I know and see, I don’t have any of those programs.

Same issue on 4090, 531.41

it’s not PG’s fault this time. Nvidia released a totally broken driver. roll back to 531.29 and the stuttering will be gone.

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Shhh, far easier to rant and curse and blame pgg instead of reading a few posts up for a fix.

indeed , like we said : downgrade to 531.29 and all is fine with the dune region even with all parameters to max/extreme

I’ve also tried bumping deformable terrain down from ultra to extreme and the game seems much happier even with that change. Haven’t tested it for too long but it’s already seemed like a world of difference.

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I started a thread in the NVidia forums if anyone would like to add their info. Maybe it will help speed a resolution we provide as much info as possible.

FH5 Expansion FPS Drop | NVIDIA GeForce Forums

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We have identified a change in the latest NVIDIA driver 531.41 which has caused the rendering of deformable terrain types to become very expensive. This was not the case in the previous driver version 531.18 so users affected by this problem could try disabling deformable or rolling back to the previous driver version.

We are continuing to investigate this issue for the upcoming High Performance series update on April 27.


I have the same problem. RTX 4080 I7 13700 KF and 32 gb of Ram.
The sand dunes area is just broken.

I play the game on a Ryzen 5 5600 with 4070TI, and at the new map mostly where biome is sand, the game start shuttering (unbearable). It really break the experience.

Try lowering or completely disabling Deformable Terrain Quality.

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Same for me! (3090). Its certainly a bug because GPU usage drops from 90% to about 30% when I notice the frame drops. Its ruining the expansion at the moment!

same for me , I noticed my gpu was below 40% when frame drops , really hope a patch soon.
The only solution for me it to disable completely Deformable Terrain Quality.
So I stop playing the expansion for the moment.

From the original NVIDIA Drivers Changelog:

Yet my post was burried here. Well, thanks for that.

Has this been fixed yet?

See my post #45 - April 27.

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Did Nvidia’s new driver from 2 days ago fix the issue?

This issue was fixed with the content update on 25 April 2023.

At the time of the fix this issue had 34 votes.

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