PC - MS Store: Error Code 0x0 when Launching Game - 3910076

Reporting this for several others because they don’t seem to want to do it themselves.

The new update is causing issues for some Users launching on PC, Microsoft Store seems to be the main one affected as I’ve not received any confrimed reports of Steam or Consoles being affected.

Once you open the Game it just immediately crashes and throws up 0x0 as the Error Code.

The Fix at the moment is reportedly to move the Game Install from one Drive to another and then you can launch fine so something seems to be a bit funky there. Another potential Fix is to just do a full redownload and reinstall.

Known Variables:

Platform: PC
Store: Microsoft Store
Version: 3.614.70.0
Date: 12/09/2023

Error Code: 0x0
Occurs: When Attempting to Launch FH5
Effect: Immediate Game Crash or Failure to Launch
Outliers: Some users report no Error Message following the Crash

Potential Fixes: Move the Game Install Location and then back again or Reinstall the Game completely.

Potential Fix #3 from SentinelBorg: Go into the XBox app to FH5, find manage in the menu. There you should find a large “Activate advanced management” button. Use that to move the game from the old Windows Apps installation folder to the new XBox games one - Comment Link

Link to Reddit Posts of multiple users discussing the Issue:



Edit: Here is a Guide for Moving the Game from the MS Store if anyone needs it

• For Windows 10 users press the Windows key and search for Apps & features. Windows 11 users press the Windows key and search for Installed Apps.

• Select the game.

• Click the Move button.

• Choose a new drive from the drop-down menu.

• Click Move to automatically move the game to a new home.

hi guys

thank for the message , I ve exactly the problem !
but no error message for me.
The game is crashing on launch after today update.
So disapointed , I ve no other SSD to move the game.
Any update scheduled to solve this huge issue ?

windows store version


Hi, having the same issue here, sometimes I get “0x0” sometimes I get nothing. Tried a lot of things and nothing worked and I don’t have the space to “just” move the game somewhere else…


I just checked the event viewer , no message for me :frowning:

edit : after uninstalled the game and reinstall it into c:\xboxgames , it s ok for me , the game is launching now

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Oh… great. Just installed the update. Guess I get to find out if it works now. I won’t be able to move it if that’s the only solution. I did get an initial error when I tried to download the update in the first place. Guess I should’ve taken that as a hint.

Edit: No crash. Although, I do have a Windows Cumulative update waiting for me to install. I wonder if that might be the culprit for others? Did any of the crash victims update their OS prior to the update?


You all restarted your systems, right?

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Rebooted my system, and FH5 still crashes on startup. Shouldn’t have to move the files to another drive either, just a strange bug this is


I’ll chime in too. Updated this morning, immediately crashed on launch with 0x0 error. Rebooted several times. Subsequent launches either got past the splash screen but the process still terminated (crashed) with no error, or would generate the 0x0 error again. I’ve tried repairing and resetting both the Microsoft Store and Xbox app, but nothing changes. Only have done a repair on Forza and nothing changes.

Really hoping to avoid resetting the app or moving it. Also to not have to uninstall and reinstall as it would take a significant amount of time to redownload everything.


I had the same issue. Moving the game from the SSD to the HDD did not solve it. I downloaded the whole 160+ GBs again and now the game works.

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Yup, same here - latest update installed, after launch now get close to desktop after “synching” . Rebooted, cleared windows temp files/appdata temp files, still the same issue.

Win 10 22H2 (MS Store version of FH5)


This is unacceptable. Re-downloading an entire game because developers are too incompetent to test is absolute nonsense.

And just try to call Microsoft support. The FAQ-spewing hinrons in a boiler room.


Same 0x0 crash here. Win 10 store. No errors in application event log. Rebooted after update. No OS updates. Glad I finished the playlist last night. I’ll wait and see if they can patch it before I reset, move or reinstall.


really? you new on this planet?

To follow up. Tried resetting the Forza app. Redownloaded all my data, but did nothing to help - still gave 0x0. Finally figured I’d try the move since I have a spare SSD with enough space. Moved it over, moved it back to C: - fires up again no problem. Something definitely wonky if that is the workaround/fix, but at least it did work for me.

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On Windows 10, and I can confirm that this happened both before and after yesterday’s Windows Update. Updating to the latest Nvidia drivers did nothing either. I’m currently clearing some space from my SSD in order to try moving it over from my HDD and back. Brilliant job, coding monkeys.


Same problem. Sometimes I get 0x0 Game crashed and sometimes it just crashes silently from the splash screen.

Microsoft store shows FH5 game updated earlier today
Windows 10: Version 10.0.19045 Build 19045 - done all possible updates
Updated Xbox gaming services.
Updated Nvida drivers for RTX 2060 super to v537.34
Restarted machine multiple times

Xbox APP 2309.1001.3.0
14.80.29002.0 (Gaming Services)
5.823.7272.0 (Xbox Game Bar)

Edit: Moved the game to another drive and that didn’t work. So attempting a reinstall

Edit2: Reinstall worked


Moved it from my HDD to my SSD and back again, and still nothing. Absolutely wonderful.


Same issue here with the 0x0 error code. Will move it to see if that fixes the issue. Reinstalling would be the last thing I want to do. Fingers crossed for the move.

For those frustrated, this actually worked for me (but took 90 minutes on 2Gbps fiber, because… probably we’re all trying to re-download it). Eliminator sessions were full but took a while to start, so it’s either people updating (14GB) or reinstalling (140GB).

  1. Uninstall from Windows Add/Remove.
  2. Reboot
  3. Install from Xbox app (I actually put it in the same location on an D:\ SSD with 980GB free)
  4. I then updated my Nvidia drivers (always seems to happen around same time as Forza 5)
  5. And, yes, there were both a Windows 10 and .NET framework update today. That went last.

Game started up, but took a long time (like 25-30 seconds), and sync failed twice…

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And now I get to try reinstalling this bloated monstrosity, using about 10% of my monthly bandwidth in the process. Goody. Oh, and I had to do it through the Microsoft Store, because the XBox app threw some “unknown error” when attempting to install. What even is this game.

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