PC meets the minimum requirement but store wont let me install

My PC runs windows 10 build 14366 (Insider Preview) which enables DirectX 12 for older NVidia graphic cards like 500 series (mine is 580)
According to DxDiag and NVidia’s system info after the upgrade my PC now has DX12 with feature level 11.0 (in Windows 10 version 1511 build 10586 it was DX11.3) but store still thinks my PC lacks the requirements that it already has.

Your GPU is too old and no where near the minimum requirements. Sorry

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This ^^

And your almost 7 year old !!! CPU is to weak too.

Your PC ‘meets’ nothing … GPU, CPU and OS !

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I agree. They’re old but according to benchmarks*, they have the same (or slightly better) performance compared to those mentioned for minimum requirement. BTW, what’s wrong with the OS? It’s just an early version of the upcoming redstone update which will be available for everyone next week.
All I’m saying is that store says I need feature level 11, but I already have it.

Hello again …

… according to the posts of others here in the APEX forums …

  1. People having big problems with any of the Win10 preview versions. Most of the time APEX won’t run at all.

  2. Until now the game is very ‘poor’ at CPU multicore performance (2+). It runs best with strong singlecore performance for at least 2 CPUs.
    Your i7 960 is ~ 23% behind the minimum i3 4170 when it comes to singlecore performance.

  3. People with the newer i7 2600K having ‘big problems’ to run the game. Even in a setup with a 980Ti for instance.

  4. What i read so far, nobody with a nVidia Fermi GPU was able to run the game. Even after the latest driver update. Maybe they’re just not supported …
    Some say it won’t work at all, because the Fermi GPUs are missing some of the fancy new DX12 features, and support not ‘full’ DX12.
    But only thing I can say … nobody knows until now.

Maybe you will be lucky and your PC will let you install APEX after the next Win10, GPU driver and APEX update, but even then … I still think it won’t be much fun with your i7-960 and a GTX580.

That’s the reason why i left PC gaming years ago … and went back to good old console gaming. You don’t have to worry about the whole driver, update, hardware nonsense … with pure coding … and so on.
And with APEX I’m only lucky that it’s running on my 4 year old PC setup.


If you want more information for the points 1-4, just use the search function inside the APEX forums, or just let me know … i can post the links.

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Thanks for all those info. Seriously, I just wanted to check out the game and earn some extra achievements on PC too. I get your point about PC compared to Console, that’s exactly why I chose to buy an XO instead of upgrading the PC over and over again.
Anyway, I think I’d better ignore Apex and continue playing FM6 on the XO.

I think this game is a special case. You don’t have to upgrade your PC “over and over” constantly. If your PC will run console games with equal settings and framerates, you won’t need to upgrade until there’s a new batch of consoles. The great thing about the PC is you have the choice of having enough power to beat the next generation of consoles already. PC is the way to go. Way more control over what you like and how you like it. With new powerful GPUs taking drastic price drops and Xbox exclusives coming to PC (not to mention cross platform play) it’s the choice that makes the most sense. Don’t forget that a PC can be utilized for a lot more than just gaming as well. I’ve got 3 consoles and haven’t really touched them since getting my PC (except to play Forza from time to time). The graphics and frame rates just don’t cut it after getting used to the PC.

In my store also it shows but system minimum requirement not met.
My Pc Configration is
Q6600 Core 2 Quad 2.4 GHZ
GT 640 1GB DDR5

Anyone try it on 4GB my faith in my processor but RAM is too low for the Minimum Requirement.

No. Everything is to low.

Your almost 10 year !!! old CPU … way to weak.
And a 640 GT with only 1 GB … ???

No way. Not even near …

They are isolating a whole segment of PC users who want to play the game but don’t have undated computers - too bad on that strategy I say.

You Guys listen this system able to run many games of last year like GTA V easily. However detail need to little bit low. At this time majority of game run without a doubt. If you make computer with another Core 2 Quad 9650 I bet that able to handle any game with overclocking and better graphic that also a old system. Old system never mean you can fail, I wanted to made this but I have not money for that so make another which I have now. I believe in my system but many games need much RAM and there My system fail only.
Now I download may be waste my data but let you know how much good game runs…
And what did you expect from the about $100 system.
UN3SM you need to see this http://www.game-debate.com/gpu/index.php?gid=885&gid2=448&compare=geforce-gt-740-vs-geforce-gtx-580 you can compare there other your hardware well.

Result after Installation RAM Stuck AP401. Error

Maybe you want to continue posting here …

For GTA V your PC meets the minimum specs. Nothing more. For APEX it just doesn’t:

And again:

The single core power of your Q6600 it’s just to low. Your CPU is 10 years old !!! Please. And to be honest … even 10 years ago it wasn’t the first choice when it came to gaming.
In 2007 I had an E6850 (2x 3.0) and in every game it was always more powerful then the Q6600 or the newer Q8200 of my friends.
And your GPU. … the game needs almost 2GB VRAM minimum … And your 1GB is just not enough. That’s also the biggest problem of your setup.

This game on your PC would be like ~ 10 FPS.

Doesn’t sound like much fun …