[PC] Game utilizes only one thread/core

pretty much that’s the reason for all the stutters, because all i see is one thread sitting at 50% while the rest are 25-ish%


Makes sense I guess. Supposedly no V-sync, but it still stutters like… yeah.
So far I’m definitely not buying Turn10’s praise of “better optimised engine” so that it can magically run better on all systems than Forza 6 Apex.
Also… why is minimum spec 720p30? Is this 2006? It’s widely known that “minimum” in PC games should be 1080p60 at the lowest graphical quality, while “recommended” should be 1080p60 with good graphics (the ideal experience).

Sorry… just had to get that off my chest, it’s just a bit bothersome that a product that has “gone gold” isn’t really finished.

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On steam 17.85% still use a resolution of 1366 x 768, so 720p30 is a reasonable minimum target. My plasma gaming TV also has this resolution and that’s why i can get away with a older GPU @720p while i can max out most graphic settings or can decide to tinker and get stable 60fps. I also have no clue how anyone can state something like “widely known”? All you can state is that in your opinion minimum should be xy. All that is “widely known” are steam hardware stats and we can discuss the % of users we are willing to cut-off at certain minimum specs.

Not everyone has a super awesome gaming PC but they might still want to play the game. By having that be minimum spec more people can play and turn10 can sell more games to make more money.

Seems pretty obvious.

And by the way, even on those settings the game look such better than on the console. Part of locking into those higher settings makes other things look terrible.

My basic non gaming PC runs the game on medium settings and it looks pretty nice. Way better than the Xbox one version so…

Turn10 want money. Why does it bother you the minimum specs are low? If you have a great of it shouldn’t matter at all. Set the settings to ultra and move on.

Horizon 3 had the same “core one” issue… I thought it will be fixed in F7 from the beginning since it got patched in H3 -.-

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Hopefully this will be fixed game is unplayable for me full of lags and freezes on my high end setup…

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get your shit together t10


Turn10, please, talk to Playground Games about fixing this issue and adding Threaded Optimisation like in Horizon 3.


Yes please, and also, talk with Gears of Wars 4 developers about learning how to add multigpu support to this game.

If i remember correctly back when FH3 had that problem, some people managed to “kinda” solve this by opening the task-manager while running the game (you can press left ctrl+shift+esc), go to the processes tab… right click forza7.exe “set affinity” and disable the first core… in my case it ran slower, but for some others this actually improved performance by disabling that 100% first core.

Here is an article that you can try to read. see how it works out for you. the article contains a few good tricks to manage your cpu-cores in WIndows 10.

You are absolutely correct, but you can also try to change the priority on the game to “low” , just right click on the same forzamotorsport7.exe and there you have it, third row from top.

I’m sitting on a 7700k, so the game runs fairly well, but like previous posters my core0 is at 100% almost all the time, creating slight stutters. Unchecking affinity for core0 makes the game stutter a lot.

This seems l, as previous posters have written, very much like the issues FH3 had at launch. They managed to fix it in an update so please T10, do the same for us and improve multithreaded.

I can’t imagine how badly this will run on ryzen, since my 4.6ghz single-core king peaks out, and a 3.9ghz core will probably not be happy with this at all.

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It’s hilarious that my I7 4790(non k) has 0 issues with stuttering/performance hitches @ 3.5ghz.

“0 issues” is always subjective. You simply don’t feel/see them that is all.
It’s there, the game manage cores the same way whether you got a 4790, a 6600 or a 7700k, whatever are your components and all.
Some people notice frame drops, others dont.

At 100Hz, it’s a stuttering fest.

There seems to be many of the same problems that FH3 suffered. This one core slavery (I have 6700K and one core is doing all the work) and also a little annoyance like the mouse cursor not disappearing from the screen, while doing the driving.

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May sound strange, but i noticed that turning off “game mode” (Settings - Gaming - Game Mode : Off) in Windows 10 Settings actually helps a bit against the microstutter.
Also, make sure your power settings are set at “High Performance Plan” (Perhaps the same for graphics card power management settings).

Perhaps you can also disable “Game Bar” and “Game DVR” in (Settings - Gaming)

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I agree that Game Mode should be off. It’s not strange as the mode is terrible.
I’m only on a GTX 970 and an older i7 and the only stuttering I get is in the menus, the game itself ran smooth as silk. For me, Game Mode was already off, along with the bar and other related crap, before I ran the demo. I don’t plan on turning it back on. I also didn’t fiddle with any affinity or priority settings like with FH3 before the fix.
I hope this can fix the issue for those with stutters.


Third CPU core is under 100% load while the others hover under 30%.

  • i5 4690K

  • GTX 1080Ti


  • 16GB DDR3

I wonder if this is an old build as it’s everything we’ve seen before?

Anyway getting lots of stutters and hitching in menus and racing and benchmark crashes to desktop. Exactly the same results as FH3, are T10 & M$ serious about PC users take up with this game.

Feels to me like it was built for the under powered X1X.

I see pretty good multi core usage for a racing game: https://i.imgur.com/eL4BDEF.png

What more do you want? I suppose everyone here is a software engineer and expects every core they have, to have an even job distribution?