[PC] Game utilizes only one thread/core

well the game is unplayable for me on a high end system all I expect is it to be working!!!

I’m getting the worst freezes ive ever seen in a video game and I got over 1000 games in my libary!

Freezing so hard in menu’s on my setup.

i7 6900K
1080 ti
32 gb corsair dominator platinum 3200 mhz ram
msi x99a godlike gaming carbon

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That sucks. I am getting absolutely silky smooth performance on my setup, I guess there is something wrong with a driver/software and the game. It should be fixed by the time retail game comes out.

I bet the engine version for the demo is not the same as what it is currently.

When you build a demo you usually branch the build and merge updates but at some point you stop merging to fix any bugs and ship it. So for all we know the stuttering could be fixed in the main branch.

This is all speculation based on my experiences making games for a living.

Yeah well I’m so close to cancel my ultimate edition preorder I never experinced such poor performance.

I just made a clip from my phone how bad it is, including crashing I’m gonna upload it to youtube and post.

Well you’re a hero.

The fact that you’ve never experienced such poor performance before makes me think you’re full of shite :slight_smile:

Or this is your first PC game. But by all means have a tantrum and a cry over a demo.

Lol no need to be upset I’m the one who should be upset. I have over 1000 games and this is by far the worst experince ive ever had, I don’t really care if you believe me or not lol.

I don’t know how you deemed my post as being upset… I was calling you out on your crap posts that are all over the forum. That doesn’t make me upset

Have you read all your posts?

ive all the rights to complain when it’s not working as intended you’re not the one to tell me I can’t that is for sure!

Anyways here’s a video for those who are interested in trying to solve the problem instead of shit talking me while all I try is to get it fixed so I can actually enjoy the game!

Good to know its not my system but something very wrong with this game at the moment. I too have a 1080Ti and it runs like utter garbage on it, Also has crashed and it runs exactly like your video, I wasted my time on it last night that’s for sure, Didn’t matter what resolution I was running it at, it ran like crap. I have already uninstalled. It was irritating me as well as I thought this game was going to be a nice game to max out my 1080ti and it turned out to run like this. It is off my system. Played some other games at 4k just to be sure it wasn’t my system and they ran nice and smooth. Wasted to much time on this already.

I feel you im in exact same boat… Wasted so much time trying to fix it and still no luck… I even preordered the ultimate edition so it kinda sucks

Well I guess it was my fault for thinking you had some remote resemblance of intelligence.

I was implying that your posts (including the one I just quoted) are very childish. You can present the exact same point you’re conveying right now without the childish crap and people might actually want to help.

Here is what you sound like in case your memory lapsed:

“This game is the worst”
“I have 10,000 games and not one has ever given me performance problems”
“I’m getting refund, take that”

Why do you have behave like that, do you act like that in real life? If you do I feel sorry for anyone that interacts with you :frowning:

Cool dude I guess you’re some special kid who needs my attention but you won’t get it, I’m done arguing with you over something you have nothing to do with so Byebye.

Only thing that worked consistently for me was changing affinity to threads 4 5 6 7. Removed stutter and game is fine.

Specs - 1230v2
3gb 1060 (pretty much max mem usage @ 1080)
16gb 1866 ddr3
OS ssd and games on 2x ssd in raid 0 (Forza still a little slow on loads though)

Can go to bed now, it was annoying me :S

What do you mean? I’m not sure what you did to fix it… if you can explain I’m uploading a video atm to show the freezing and crashing im experincing which is really annoying :frowning:

I am very puzzled as to how can you guys have such problems, seriously. Each of your PC’s outperforms mine in every single departament and yet here I am, playing Forza 7 happily on Ultra 1080p60FPS on budget build without such issues…

i3-6100 3.7GHz
GTX 1050Ti 4GB
1TB 7200RPM Toshiba P300 HDD
Windows 10 x64 with latest updates.

I mean, I don’t understand, how GTX 1080Ti + newest i7 can stutter and for me this runs flawlessly…?

I’m getting slight occasional stutter in races but it’s probably to be expected since I’m playing with only a 1060 6gb OC and an i5-4670 with settings at: 3840x2160 60fps @100% scale, all else ultra/max, no AA/MSAA.

The menus are very juddery though. Also the Mugello race takes ages to load and for some reason on 4k my map markers (start/finish and cars) show up as huge squares.

No idea tbh, but as you can see on my video it’s really really bad…

This FM7 demo repeats the issues on FH3 without patches. The game stutters a lot and only 1 core is working at 100% all the time.

I’ll not buy my Ultimate Edition of this game until know if the final version has the same issue or not.

i5 4670K @ 4,5GHz
16GB DDR3 1866MHz
GTX 1070 Gaming X 8GB
ASUS Z87-Pro
Samsung 840 Evo 240GB
Windows 10 (ver. 1703)

Can you please send me a private message so we can further investigate this?

well it’s the same on my i7 6900K only 1 or 2 cores are in use I already sent my infos so I’m wondering if that is what is causing the freezing and crashes, it’s so bad I can’t even navigate in the menu lol.

Goes from 80-90 fps down to 1-5 fps in matter of seconds lol

Be lucky the game is even opening for you. It doesn’t for me with my specs that are higher than recommended.