PC forza horizon 4 will not start properly

My computer is an Acer nitro 5, and it will typically be able to open and play this game well. however, since I got the newest update for the speed champions, it will not open on my computer. click on the icon and it shows the title page for like 4 seconds and then closes down. I’ve tried resetting it and that didn’t work, should I Reinstall?

You can try, but I’ve got the splash screen crash as well and reinstalling, repairing, and doing everything I could find on the support pages did nothing for me. I haven’t gotten a response yet, but I’ve opened a support ticket and am now waiting for a resolution. Good luck to you and if you do find a fix, please share.

Welcome to the club, you’re not alone, but no official answer until now.
This all started with the update of the lego
I downloaded the game again through windows store, reseted the game, sync the clock, updated the drivers, video card, sound, reinstalled and reseted the windows store and xbox app, disabled the microphone, disabled antivirus, uninstalled msi afterburner, changed the paging file size, emptied the standby memory, tried clean boot, changed the game priority in the task manager, created a new administrator account, etc, everything that can be done.
Now I will download the game’s appx by direct link, instead of the windows store, and try to install in the powershell, but I doubt that works.
Try something that I mentioned above, it might be that you’re lucky.
Oh, I was forgetting, I uninstalled only the lego dlc, but also didn’t work.

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Same here, tried almost everything, but nothing works. Hope they will fix this soon.