[PC] Custom Controller Profile doesn't work

I was annoyed by the fact, that I couldn’t bring up the map by just pressing the “back” button and switch to previous radio station by pressing left on d-pad, so I made a custom controller profile, BUT it doesn’t seems to have any effect (game is still using the default controller layout).

I’m using the Xbox One S wireless controller over the BT.

Also, why I can’t leave the Quick Chat Activate unassigned?

Probably can use this same work around wheel users have been using

I find it totally stupid as well, why have to have certain functions mapped at the cost of not having stuff mapped you actually want.

On the PC you can use the keyboard for all the other commands so why limit us to having commands that have to be on a controller or it wont save the ones we want.

Thank you for the suggestion, but unfortunately it didn’t work for the controller issue. Turns out custom controller settings doesn’t work in demo either.