Old post though... Valid points still

Extension on the old post: Some complaints (No ranting)

The game actually supports fully customizable input mapping.

But what rendered this functionality completely useless… Is the weird design that you are forced to assign a button for specific actions on “Custom Profiles”.

It’s so counter intuitive that you cannot even copy a “Default Layout” unchanged as a “Custom Profile”. (“Missing Key Bindings”, while “Default Layout” itself doesn’t even conform to the standard…)

…Well, we have a keyboard which has many unused buttons to assign.

Wait, they appear to be mutually exclusive… (controller and keyboard/mouse input interfere with each other)

It doesn’t have to end like this…


Leaving alone the actual physics simulation, there’s an important factor: the Input-Layer Translation.

In a simplified form, it can be a simple question:

“Drive the People”, or “Drive the Cars”?

This post may give you some ideas on the problem.

What ruins it is that it doesn’t understand context, so one button can only be assigned to one thing. For example, when you’re in quick chat, you obviously want all the directions to be usable to pick a quick chat phrase. But if you’ve assigned those directions to other functions, they can no longer be assigned to choosing a quick chat phrase, the game doesn’t understand that different functions can be accessed by the same button depending on context. Age of Empires got this right over 20 years ago.

Also, the rewind function doesn’t work properly when you have custom button mappings. You press the rewind button, and it rewinds a single step. But it then displays a different button as needing to be pressed to rewind more. Neither the displayed button nor the assigned button work to rewind more. Except very very occasionally the assigned button does work, I have no idea why.

Also, it has no default button assignments for the Fanatec CSL Elite wheel, even though it mirrors an Xbox controller. It has mappings for several other Fanatec wheels, but not for the wheel that should be the easiest to support!


Perhaps dropping all those imposed logical restrictions on the input assignment would solve the problem. (except the input to bring up the pause menu just verified: the game doesn’t even allow remapping of this input)