Patch needed

know the Dev’s are busy with FM 6, but FM 5 needs some love in the form of a patch for grip levels. It’s needed it since the game was new. Seriously, it’s like racing on ice. Fronts lock immediately, rears won’t hook up, turns instantly degenerate into power slides. FM4 was way better in this regard. I mean, what were they even thinking of when they decided on grip levels this low? It’s nowhere near realistic. So please put two or three people on a simple patch to increase overall grip levels and one to slow the rate at which the steering straightens out when accelerating. Basically, make it drive more like FM4. Thanks

You know what? forget it. The game, especially with more powerful cars like the BMW M6 is virtually unplayable with the Xbox controller. I can only hope that FM4 was used as the Gold Standard for gameplay, grip levels and so on for FM6 to aim for. Fm5 is just a waste of money and time from my perspective. Please Turn 10, no more half done launch titles?

FM5 is much more dependent on tuning than FM4. It’s much closer to real life now. It was frustrating at first, but it has made me a better tuner than I was in 4!

No,it isn’t. Traction is unrealistically low. If an actual car broke traction as easily as it does in FM5 it wouldn’t be allowed on the road for safety reasons. It is almost exactly like driving on snow. Only it’s supposed to be dry pavement in the game. FM4 was just about perfect in levels of grip. FM6 should use FM4’s handlingas the standard to measure up to. 5 is a mess. Even with ABS and TCS both on, the cars still want to break traction. I’m just talking about road cars here. Cars that should behave fairly well without tuning. I mean, how many M6 owners actually bother to adjust anything in their car? Not many. Yet we don’t see ABS cancelling virtually all braking and cars slamming into various things like the in game M6 do we? Tuning is for race cars. Road cars shouldn’t need it and didn’t in previous Forza games

Thankyou for your feedback.