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Hi all, I’m glad to be back and join you guys here on FH5…

I just started on the 9th yesterday and so far… I think in FH5 it will take some times to share most of my designs and paints after the transfer form FH4, I’m having difficulty with the thumbnail preview in the game, I think maybe it’s some kind of bugs, therefore I need to get it right on each of one of them before I can upload and share them, so far only 6 shared in my CH…

I just don’t like people viewing my livery designs and paints with no headlights in the preview thumbnails, I did managed to work some of them and that’s why I managed to shared 6 of them, but today it seems like I completely forgotten how did I those yesterday…, if anyone can help me with that I’d appreciate your help and thank you in advance…

Anyways… here my 1st two pics I shot from FH5;

Carbon base White EK9 (with EF9 old school styling)

I don’t have the code yet… or did I missed something, but it’s uploaded and shared as well as the the other 5…

Come visit my Creative Hub to check them, my GT is PAPAEMY

See you guys in the game… I’ll be back with when more are available… :wink:


Great to see you back.

Hey you guys… I just want to say thanks a million to all of you… for downloading using and liking my design liveries, the game is not even 2 weeks old, and I haven’t upload most of my design liveries cause most of them needs recheck and editing from FH4 to FH5, and I also haven’t take some pictures of what’s up there that already shared at my CH to put them here yet… but I already hit the legendary painter spot as of today… lol :smiley:

I almost couldn’t believe it so I test by auctioning one of my car… and indeed it did change to 20M maximum buyout…

Here’s the picture of total 42K downloads from my CH;

You guys are awesome!! Thank you everyone… :smiley:

I’ll be back as soon as I have more pictures and post them here… ;).

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That’s good going! :+1:t5:

Hi all… sorry for belated updates for my gallery… it’s been a lot of fixes and adjustments transferring from FH4 to FH5…

Before I put some pictures from my CH, I also would like to share on how to fix the thumbnail of the car design models that were shown with no headlights, I hope the devs would fix them asap because it’s annoying and looks horrible… and so I hopefully this would just be temporary fixes, btw I’m on PC… and so this fix may only works for PC users only, so if anyone knows how to do the same on XBOX consoles… may be it would work too…

Ok so to fix the no headlights car design thumbnail;

  1. Press “Win Key + R” (without the quotes) then press enter

  2. Type in “%TEMP%” (without the quotes) then press enter

  3. And it will take you to this hidden folders: C:\Users[Your Name]\AppData\Local\Temp\

  4. Whilst you’re here… you can delete everything in this hidden “Temp” to clean up your PC’s temp files and safe some space, but before you do that… DO NOT delete Turn10Temp.scratch folder

  5. Go to Turn10Temp.scratch folder and look for LiveryCache folder

  6. So now you are here C:\Users[Your Name]\AppData\Local\Temp\Turn10Temp.scratch\LiveryCache (I personally make shortcut to my desktop so it’ll be much easier to access this hidden folders next time I need to go here again, I recommend you to do the same to safe time next time you need to go here again)

  7. Delete everything in the LiveryCache folder, and launch FH5, some times it would crash FH5 when launching to your desktop (just as it was loading and going to your House in the game…

  8. Do not panic if it crash FH5 on your PC, just close the crash log windows, and just relaunch FH5 back, it crash because FH5 was trying to regenerate the cache files you just deleted, it’ll be back to normal when you relaunch the game, and the game will regenerate them all…

Ok so that was the 1st part on how to fix the no headlights thumbnail, now the 2nd part is to back up the Manifest XML Document file, and to do this you’ll need to do the following steps;

  1. Pick any cars of yours with your design livery already applied to your car (including aftermarket parts such as rims wings bodykits etc), and go to “Apply Vinyl” menu to make any change to save it

  2. Once done saving, go to your “My Design” menu, press enter on the livery file you just saved and check if the headlights are now shown normally as it should be.

  3. If it still the same with no headlights shown, just exit to quit the game… and relaunch FH5 back…

  4. Once you’re back in the game. repeat step 9 and 10, now the thumbnail should be working normally with headlights are shown after the new saved…

Once you’re at this stage, just press the “Win Key + R” again… or just open the shortcut you made already at step #6 above, make a copy of your Manifest XML Document file and save it somewhere else in the different folders for your personal backup…

Now all the above steps are only working for temporary, you maybe able to play FH5 3-5 time a day or the next 3 - 5 you relaunch the game without no headlights thumbnail coming back, but after that, it usually went back with no headlights thumbnail…

And this is when making backup of the Manifest XML Document file is very useful to restore it back to the stage when headlights are shown normally in the thumbnail, whenever next time you relaunch the game and it brought you to the no headlights thumbnail, just copy Manifest XML Document file from your backup folder, and paste it to your C:\Users[Your Name]\AppData\Local\Temp\Turn10Temp.scratch\LiveryCache folder without having to delete everything again as the 1st time…, but yes you would need to exit the game when restoring the Manifest XML Document file and relaunch the game back…

Alright then… that was all for the fix… :slight_smile:

So… anyways… here are some updates design liveries from my CH, not all yet but at least I don’t leave my gallery here empty, so I’ll be adding more as soon as got them pictures taken, it’s not the best quality photographs as my intention was to promote my design liveries…

Here are pictures of my EK9 design liveries line up… also with recommended aftermarket parts applied;

This is the same as the 1st one above in this thread, but now with SC: 766 526 550 (Carbon White)

Milano Red SC: 948 041 667

EM1 Blue SC: 967 790 096

Carbon Yellow SC: 234 727 472

Motul Livery SC: 184 292 995

Gold EK Hatch SC: 152 545 594

Alright then… I think that’s it for now… I’ll be back asap and post some others after adding some more share codes and make more pictures…, thank you for visiting my gallery… see you at my Creative Hub :slight_smile:

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Adding some more… here are my DC2 and DC5 Integra design liveries line-up;


DC2 Veilside Integra, SC 113 380 848

DC2 Classic Blue, SC 143 549 873

DC2 Carbon White, SC 409 849 153

DC2 Milano Red, SC 160 850 931


DC5 Veilside Integra SC 166 251 574

DC5 Carbon White SC 111 199 236

That’s all for now… more to comes :slight_smile:

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Always love seeing manufacturer-like liveries. Kind of hard to find decent ones for Honda/Acura, let alone super clean ones like these. Nice work.

Here are my liveries for 1st gen CRX (Civic CRX AF5);

Carbon White, SC 915 232 288

Motul Livery, SC 129 550 735

(Two Tone) Silver Blue, SC 691 913 418

Yellow Black, SC 148 435 309

(Two Tone) Silver White, SC 527 001 190

Milano Red (Metallic edition) SC: 163 514 790

And next is my 2nd gen CRX (EF8) liveries line-up…

Milano Red, SC 119 263 879

Classic Blue, SC 155 431 621

Motul Livery, SC 174 929 456

(Senna Tribute) Maroon Red CRX, SC 181 428 245

(Spoon) Yellow Black CRX, SC 123 516 712

Carbon White EF8, SC 337 747 555

I’ll be back adding more asap… thanks for visiting my thread and CH… :slight_smile:

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Oops… I forgot I already uploaded my AE86 Corolla liveries and didn’t post them here… lol… :smiley:

Maroon Red APEX Twin Cam 16, SC 102 869 255

Gold APEX Twin Cam 16, SC 984 693 148

Carbon White GT-S Twin Cam 16, SC 120 839 437

Carbon Orange GT-S Twin Cam 16, SC 126 002 344


Anybody knows what’s going on with this design livery of mine? I just launch my game and found out one of my design livery is missing…

I knew last time I was in the game I didn’t unshared it accidently nor on purpose, I knew it was there before I exit the game last time because I was taking some notes for my other CRX share code, but just now as I just entered the game… it was left on “My Design Menu” as it’s never being shared before…

Shall I send a ticket and can it be restored? Any help would be greatly appreciated…, thank you in advance…

PS: I just reupload and shared it again, and it didn’t get restored as it was the case of my M3 E36 livery, it did happened to me once (earlier when the game was just less than 2 weeks old) with my M3 E36 design livery as I did accidently unshared it… and I just immediately share it again… and it just went back like it was never taken down… but now maybe it’s too late because I just found out about it… 8-9 hours later since last time I was in the game…, anyways… here is the replacement for my missing CRX livery;

Carbon White CRX, SC 966 818 446

Uploading some more…

Newer generation Civic Type R;

Blue K-Tuned FK8 CTR, SC: 124 149 265

Carbon White Mugen FK8 CTR, SC: 691 928 906

Carbon White Mugen FK2 CTR, SC: 159 321 302

Carbon White Mugen FN2 CTR, SC: 212 101 725

Carbon White K-Tuned EP3 CTR, SC: 176 532 299

CARBON EP3 CTR, SC: 843 510 667

And my DATSUN 510;

Gold NISMO 510, SC: 353 222 279

Widebody version, SC: 158 676 984

PS: I’ll add more Nissan asap… I’m currently still working on them, some needs converting to non widebody version because of the Rocket Bunny withdrawal… :slight_smile:

Adding more…

My S2K AP2

Milano Red, SC: 791 376 987

Carbon White, SC: 150 545 330

My Prelude Si

Milano Red, SC: 201 798 860

Carbon Silver, SC: 984 284 970

Classic Blue, SC: 101 798 196

Silver Grey, SC : 537 993 249

Adding more…

Classic Lowrider Chevy Impala 1964 in gold with white top, SC: 718 436 836

2020 Eleanor GT Cobra, SC: 117 931 619

PS: I wish the game also have the 1958 and 1961 Impalas as well as the original Eleanor :slight_smile:

Thank you…, actually I also made some liveries for exotics, all just fantasy for tribute, here are they;

McLaren F! GT, SC 166 561 419

Mercedes CLK GTR (FE), SC 854 503 238

Mercedes CLK GTR, SC 128 113 451

Schumacher Ferrari FXX, SC 180 099 794

Alonso LaFerrari, SC 102 972 269

PS: I’ll upload some more JDMs in my next following post :slight_smile:

Amazing attention to detail on these designs, they’re very clean!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Btw… I just took some pictures of my BMW M3 E30 to add them here…

Samoa Blue (Blue Purple) Retro Hartge E30, SC: 214 052 484

AC-SCHNITZER E30 in red, SC: 376 984 478

Black Gold Alpina E30, SC: 733 546 633

White BBS Edition E30, SC: 164 293 564

PS: I still have more to come, some of them are already up there available for downloads at my CH like Mitsubishi and Nissan… but I haven’t post them here, I’ll post their pics and codes as soon as I have make pics of them, thanks for visiting my gallery… and don’t forget to to drop by on my CH… :slight_smile:

Hello guys, it’s been a while since my last post here…, here are some of the latest wraps in my collection…

Veilside Integra

DC2 Honda Racing

EK9-EF-SiR Trim

Civic VTi

Rear end view

Carbon Fiber VTi

Rear end view

For more details more of my latest collection, please come visit my CH GT PAPAEMY

PS: Btw… whilst here, please come visit Designer/Painter Advance Mode Suggestions and help me gain more votes to my suggestion, thanks in advance :blush:

Some pictures of my latest collections… hope you guys like them… :blush:

VW GOLF MK2 - Red GTI (Fits both widebody and non widebody kits)

Rear view

VW GOLF MK2 - White GTI (Fits both widebody and non widebody kits)

Rear view

VW GOLF MK2 - Orange GTI (Fits both widebody and non widebody kits)

Note: This orange is the same with MK1 Orange original paint…

Rear view

VW GOLF MK2 - Blue GTI (Fits both widebody and non widebody kits)

Rear view

Volvo 850 R - Classic White

Rear view

Volvo 850 R - Blue Green

Rear view

More details and available for downloads at my Creative Hub GT PAPAEMY :smiling_face:

PS: Btw… whilst here, please come visit Designer/Painter Advance Mode Suggestions and help me gain more votes to my suggestion, thanks in advance :blush: