Designs by Coe1acanth

Hello all, I’m new to Forza Horizon, having just bought FH4 a few weeks before Christmas 2021, but found myself totally addicted to the car painting aspect of the game! I was so engrossed with so many aspects of the game that I also bought FH5, but it feels like nobody’s seeing my designs. In only a month and a half or so, I had amassed thousands of downloads and 9 followers in FH4. Certainly that might not sound impressive, but I got into the game pretty much at the end of its run, so that seems pretty decent. In FH5 however, even though I imported all my FH5-compatible designs over from FH4, it feels like nobody’s even finding the vast majority of my hundreds of designs. I’m getting maybe one, or two downloads per 24h period, a far cry from the 150 to 200 per day on FH4. Something seems broken with the FH5 design-sharing system. So in light of that, I want to invite anyone to check out my designs. Search for them by my gamertag, Coe1acanth. That’s a number 1 in there, not a letter L.

With my designs, you’ll find nice, clean paint jobs with tasteful stripes and fades, with a few funky ones in the mix. You won’t find sponsor stickers, manufacturer vinyls or livery replicas on my designs, though. Stickers are a personal pet peeve of mine IRL. I just like to come up with beautiful paint colors and tasteful but elegant stripes and fades to enhance the look of a car body, and make it much nicer than, and stand out from the stock paint jobs.

Do a search on my gamertag and have a look, I’m sure you’ll find something to like! In the meantime, I’ll try to find a way to share some images on here.

Well, I have to say the design-sharing system in FH5 is hugely disappointing compared to FH4. Even though I joined FH4 very late–a few weeks before this Christmas 2021–I had over 200 designs, 5000-ish downloads, 9 followers…and that’s with being so late to the game that I never had any chance to be the first to paint a new car or acquire legendary painter status…so I was pretty proud of that.

I have been in FH5 for a month and a half now, imported most of my FH4 designs…over 200 I’d guess…and added another 100+ more. Let’s see, I have well over 300 designs and not even 900 downloads, and only 1 follower. The vast majority of my designs haven’t even been viewed, from what I can tell. Whatever algorithm was programmed to promote some users’ designs is a mystery to me. The times I’ve had to choose from a recommended design for a car I needed to own, it’s hilarious to see someone do a “Hey, I painted it black…and added a straight red stripe!” = 17000 downloads, it is to laugh. What I usually do is find the design with the fewest downloads and choose that one, just to buck this flawed system and support someone who put some effort into a design but had few downloads.

I think I have a pretty good catalog of designs, most were quite time-consuming because I made sure all stripes lined up perfectly, correcting the mirror image side in every case because virtually none of the car designs mirror properly, and because many of the car bodies have glitches that throw you a design curve-ball that you have to factor in.

As I mentioned before, I’ll have to get some pictures uploaded, which isn’t the easiest thing if you don’t have a gamer pass. But in the meantime, please feel free to check out my design catalog:

Gamertag = Coe1acanth <–that’s a number 1 in there

Or, search for all designs with “coel” in them, nearly all my designs were saved with “coel” prefixing the filename. That has the letter “L” in it.

Enjoy and leave a comment here if you’ve checked out or tried one of my designs. Thanks!