need to change lighting in paint shop from game time of day to just a well lit environment since it is nearly impossible to apply decals in the dark.

Please use the Horizon Festival.
The paint booths here have constant lighting regardless of the time of day.

On the other hand, the lighting here is too bright, making it difficult to paint the top of the body.
One of the drawbacks of this game is that we still don’t have a paint space with adequate lighting that is not too bright and not too dark.
Why do they always choose to degenerate when they had these paint booths in FM7 and FH4’s Lego expansion?


Best to use the Vinyl editor to make the shapes, and then put them on the car in a Festival site. That way the colours are based on the vinyl editor colours, and not some fake lighting effect.

I go to festival through buy new cars option in main menu.
I think lightning and all this stuff is great, at least it is constant no matter if it is day or night outside.
Much more appreciated would be to add something like NFS Heat have where you can preview livery in 360° before you download to see if you like it or not and even adjust it for yourself as you want if you don’t like something about livery. You can’t share someones livery anyway, but you can adjust it which is huge step forward.
Very annoying to download loads of liveries and wait for it just to check them out and you also can’t use full potential of your livery. If you paint only back of a car for example, no one will ever see it unless they download it and it is impossible to actually see quality of livery from far away.
I was expecting this feature for years. Still not in game yet. I think it is super easy to make it like that. Must be much harder to adjust all brake callipers so you can paint them I think which is great new feature.
Window decals would be also amazing and even better if they adjust left/right side to be the same as if you copy it in 99% of cars you find out that it is offset and may really ruin smooth transfer from bumpers as one is at X:0, Y:0 and second side may be at X:1, Y:-0.5
That windows and right left/right side adjustment must be a bit of work that no one will probably ever make, but it would be amazing attention detail.
I imagine that someone with right knowledge will go through all cars and manually see and adjust ofset of right/left and also middle and then just edit middle point in source code. Shouldn’t be that hard, but it would take some time. Or maybe it is really much harder than I think…