Paint + Bodykit Presets: Garage anti-clog

I’m all for the new stuff added, new and from 4. Cool cars are cool cars. The main issue I had with extreme E wasn’t the cars themselves, but the 10 duplicates we got of them. Then I got an idea: what if, instead of giving us slightly different variants to cars, we got the option to unlock bodykit presets and paint options that let us change the car entirely? such as:

370z → bodykit presets → formula drift (paint included), safari z (paint also included), nismo
extreme E hummer → paints → alllll of the team vinyls (livery editor still removes them)
e92 m3 → bodykit presets → M3 GTS
720s → 720s spider(? dont know how this would work without removing the spider, but you get the point)

the performance and upgrade differences would stay as the car you change to, since you’re changing the car entirely
i.e. Car A → Car B would have the same upgrades and swaps as Car B would

with the sheer size of the car list and the frequency at which we get gift cars, this would really help with garage management!