Own Ultimate, can't access DLC


Kinda late to the game (pun intended) but I recently bought Horizon 3 when it went on sale, and got the Ultimate edition, which I thought included everything. I downloaded it a couple of days ago and started playing, reaching the point where I have 3 stadiums expanded to level 3. I decided to now divert myself to the Blizzard expansion, but arriving at the location I am mysteriously prompted to buy it. Apparently you can’t buy it anymore, but I’m not trying to buy it since I should already own it, given that I bought the Ultimate edition. I’m just trying to download the thing that should belong in my account.

Are there any ways for me to access my DLC, or am I screwed out of them?

Ultimate does not come with the expansion pass. I know it is confusing when they say Ultimate but it does not mean you get everything.

I see; I didn’t realize that. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

By chance, are you aware of a trustworthy place online where I can buy it for Windows as a code?